Annointed purple death balls

Is there anyway to destroy these or do you just have to accept death? Shooting them seems to do nothing, nerf please.

Can confuse them by using your action skill when near.

Zane’s clone attracts them, same with Fl4k’s dog.

If you’re Maize or Amara, you should be able to kill the Anointed before the ball even explodes

Or, take a nice run to the vending machines lol

Don’t nerf though, they add necessary element of chaos to the game

Wait till they stop moving, when you hear grenade sound run away. Also they have a fixed range, just stay outside the range.

yup, the range is quite visual too, kinda like a dome or cone around it.

I suspect that the radius of the explosion is affected by the mayhem mode modifier, but at the same time the visual border remains unchanged

They’re only a bit annoying in enclosed areas and corridors.

I really wish we could make the damn thing explode early after shooting it a few times.

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Lol @ Maize.

Back on topic.

Death balls suck…period.