Annointed Purples vs Non annointed legendaries

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Just a quick one regarding annointed gear, now i have an annointed purple (Jackal) 300% melee after phaseslam, but on my amara build (melee) i have noticed when i have this in hand and activate phaseslam it does hardly anymore damage than my Physco Stabber (non anointed)

So my question is in end game (Mayhem 2 or 3) are these purple annointeds worth keeping hold of in respect to their Legendary counterparts?

depends on the specific effect like fl4ks extra rakk charge with no penatly is amazing. same with his life steal after pet attack. I havenโ€™t really tried others but they seem less impressive

maybe youre not meleeing quick enough after you use it? i didnt go the melee route so I cant really speak from a point of knowledge