Annointed stupid

Is it me or is it to hard to kill Annoited as Zane due to the fact the best build Cyro build is garbage against them.

I feel they need nurfing especially the militant I came across 2 on Mayhem 3, and just to kill one was worse than an actual boss fight!

There just making the game really unenjoyable its a shame because really good until you come across these things.

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Your ability needs improving, not the enemies need nerfing. They’re a piece of cake to kill if you use common sense.

Drop us a link video on mayhem 3 to show us how it is done?


Do you have the overkill ability from guardian by any chance Phil?

That really helps for me against anointed, just head shot 2 or 3 trash mobs with a high dmg jacobs sniper and the next headshot on the annointed should kill it in one shot no matter what character you playing as.

If the m3 modifiers not great for the dmg type often a good rocket launcher after head shotting a couple of trash kills will also take them out in one most times.

Welcome to the forums by the way.

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Your cryo build has brainfreeze I suppose? Then you don’t need to use cryo weapons. Use fire against anointed.

you can one shot annointed millitant on zane with muckamock or monocle snipers…

just because something resits cryo does not mean that is a bane of the build use a non cryo weapon and your problem goes away :smiley:


Kill it with fire, Tediore Alien Shotgun, Long Musket, Torgue Blister, Scourge, Epicenter work very well against them, but most of all a fire Butcher.

Zane has like three skills that are related to Cryo, just use the firepower you get from every other skill.

More like 5 skills and 2 ability augments (brain freeze, CCC, Cold bore, best served cold, and refreshment| then winter drone and binary system), but yeah you arent limited to cryo weapons for cold Zane builds just use something else.

To argue for their side barrier Zane is rewarded for using cold, and it’s really a slap in the face when the toughest enemies can just ignore that.

Barrier Zane is only rewarded for using cryo if you don’t spec into brainfreeze, and why would you do that.

I melt annoiteds now, Fire seems to be almost all their bane. I go easy mode with scourge rockets but almost anything would work,…eventually. They nerfed night hawkin into the ground and that was THEIR freeze weapon to use. It was intended to be top tier, but the behind the scenes damage mods where also nerfed by 200% and that the devs left out.

Night Hawkin wasn’t nerfed, this is just the first time you’ve noticed it’s special ability. During the day it is a half decent Cryo smg. At night it become a god tier fire smg, firing 3x the bullets.

It confuses people not only because of the hidden ability, but also because the card stats are bugged. Weapon dmg is supposed to have a x3 at night, but not during the day. But some, including the one I use, always has the x3. But I notice when it become day time because all of a sudden I’m not shredding people in half a second anymore.

So I only use Night Hawkin at night. If you want a Cryo smg for Zane, find a Crossroads. Works all day and always does Cryo.

But that Hawkin is actually a great answer for the original question. At night it is the best anointed melting weapon I have. Putting 30+ incendiary rounds in their head in a second.

The Westerngun is a very underrated SMG. It is easily farmable. It is dropped by Private Beans in Athenas.

The night hawkin had a behind the scenes damage mod of 300% damage to frozen. Now it’s 100%. Nerfed.

They really are paying attention to what we say huh?

And now they are no longer immune to cryo, doesn’t matter much since they still can’t be frozen and fire weapons still do better against flesh but still nice.