Annointed Tranformer for trade

I have a Beastmaster Annointed Transfomer shield I’d like to trade. Grant’s One Extra Charge of Rakk Attack.

I’m looking for Kaos rifles (cryo / fire / or radiation)

Hey, I think I’ve got a Cryo kaos. Do you have any other gear for an explosive Moze build?

I might. I’ll have to look in a lil bit though. I’ll get back to you later.

Sounds good. Elemental Flakkers, anointed transformers or storm fronts would be nice. Anything else of trade value will work too.

Anointed transformer, deathless relic or bloodletter com with grenade damage is good too

Actually dude. I literally just got my Moze up to 50 today. Anything I have, I’m using right now. But I’ll start farming for her tomorrow. Sorry.

Do you by chance have a Dictator? I’m trying to find one with x6 damage

I’m looking for those too dude. Lol

Add me I’m interested in transformer
Gt Outlawkillerz we can chat thx.