Annointed weapon question

I got this ‘Precise Barrage’ legendary AR and it’s annointed. I’m confused by it though. It reads “elemental critical hits can cause status effects of that element to explode, creating a Nova that deals 500% of the status effect’s damage.”

  1. The gun has no elemental effect

  2. what exactly does the annointed part even mean ? I get the just of it but I’m not certain.

Anointments are randomly assigned to weapons when the weapon is generated, so sometimes you get ones that don’t work with the weapon it’s assigned to.

This anointment is sort of as simple as it sounds - crit with elemental weapon might throw a nova. I haven’t checked the math output to confirm, but if the DoT was 50, the nova should hit for 250, I think.

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@Adabiviak Ok that’s what I thought it meant, but the way it was worded confused my simple mind. LoL Thanks for the annointed input !! I just completed the campaign so I’m still learning about annointed items, mayhem modes etc…

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Yeah, unfortunately the random way anointments are applied, you will quite often get anointments that will do absolutely nothing because of the weapon or shield. Yours is a good example. Elemental anoint on a non-elemental weapon.

Kinda like getting the “On Shield Break” anointment on a Rough Rider Shield.


Lol right ! Thanks again for explaining. There’s alot to learn in this game. Atleast for me, I’ve had alot of Q’s. I was hoping that gun being a legendary that I found little about fired a elemental bullet every few shots or something. But that weapons special effect is just being well balanced I believe.


@iHauntWizards there is a community collaborative excel sheet that is “live” - whenever new content comes out, this is updated.

It has every gun in the game and also tells you what it’s special effect. Some guns list this on the weapon card itself, others don’t. If you’re not sure what a unique item does, you can look it up on this sheet. Hope this helps!

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@HeyItsSkkra Awesome. Thank you !