Annointments - do some really work?

I’ve got a few weapons that grant terror on action skill end and they do what they say on the tin.

But found myself a lovely annointed speedloading hellwalker which provides 200% melee after phaseslam for a few seconds

So testing in the firing range my brawl Amara hits normal melee for about 3570 (cant remember exactly) - 3570 normal and 3570 element.

So on phaseslam i’d expect nr 10k on normal (not sure about element)

But results are exactly the same as vanilla. Still have the hellwalker as active weapon.

It can’t be some of my gear nullifying.

Got the brawler shield, a leg mod - cant remember the name but gives 4 to up close and personal, got a 75% lifesteal artifact and a shocking hex as gren.

If all is right, then I wonder how many other annointments don’t hit right.

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Melee dealt after, not during? I assume.
The triggering PS isn’t anointed, melee dealt after is.

I have a grenade that on throw gives 50per corrosive for 10 seconds. Ive never seen green numbers indicating corrosive.
Have another, when thrown increases damage by 25per for 6 seconds. Its awsome, totally noticeable differance. I do think some annoits are not working.

Sorry, yeah, wasn’t totally clear.

My expectation is that I perform a phaseslam then for 3-5 seconds after I should be hitting @ 200%

only this doesn’t seem to be the case


Not in the game to double check but isn’t it the grenade anoint – weapons give bonus elemental damage on ASE? I always get the elemental bonus at action skill end when I shoot the guns after.

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Its on grenade throw, not ase.

for ref: found this post on Amaras bugs.

Might relate to phaseslam and fracture. Will test later

Except i play moze.

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Which version of Slam are you using, because only the main one seems to do the anointment.

I definitely sat and tested a weapon with this anointment last week and it worked. But it did it’s work really early in the formula so on top of my other bonuses it landed a little flat.

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No, it really is on ASE –

“On action skill end - 50% bonus elemental damage (specific element) with weapons for 10 seconds”

So just having it equipped gives the buff (no need to throw) on ASE

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Ive respec to test. removed all equipment except hellwalker and phaseslam.

Base melee was 1804 (ignore figures from my 1st post…i was actually hitting for 15k under build)

Melee after phaseslam was 4481. Still shy of the 200% increase but better.

Clearly something in the build knocks it out.

Something is up with your base. The base should be closer to 1400. I think 1442 is the base level 50 melee?

1442 + 200% = 4362

Which, btw, makes no sense still.

If base melee is actually 1492, then it lines up perfectly except your 1800…

Oh, hmph. Then there’s gr. Fuhhh.

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Then it shouldnt say on grenade throw. My other grenade says the same thing and it works. They are both hex.

I’m pretty sure this annointment is on action skill end(for 10 seconds).

So after you use you action skill you will do bonus Corrodo for 10 seconds.

Is it possible you are just remembering wrong or mistaken? Can you grab a screen shot?

That would be a might powerful effect if it really was +50 elemental damage on grenade throw! However, that doesn’t exist for just that reason.

spot on. Hadn’t removed my artifact -Precision Knife Drain - 25% melee.

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It seems that the annointed benefits are only attributed to base melee.(1468 dmg)

From base, I only have (no skills apart from phaseslam)
25% melee artifact (adds 367dmg)
Class mod (flurrying solitary breaker (+2 personal space, +1 find your centre +1 jab cross) - which gives me 100% melee (add 1468 - although appears I only get 1400 benefit)

But while it should get me to 3303, I hit for 3142.

I’d expect after phaseslam a further 2936 on top (if the annoint benefit is based on my base melee), but its not its only 2677.

So while it does work, sortof, it
a) performs only on base melee dmg
b) doesn’t provide the figures its purporting too.

which kinda sucks

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Yup! Math is weird and numbers are rounded in ways that make minimal sense.

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Am I correct in assuming that your melee guardian rank is about +9.67%?

The thing is, very most melee bonuses are additive, not multiplicative. So e.g. if you have +200% from the gun and +9.67% from GR, your total bonus is +209.67%.

Base melee damage at level 50 is 18 × 1.0950 = 1338.44

A GR of +9.67% would raise that to 1338.44 × (1 + 9.67%) = 1468

Add +200% and it’s 1338.44 × (1 + 200% + 9.67%) = 4145

Add 100% from Find Your Center and +25% from the gun, and you’ll probably get:

1338.44 × (1 + 200% + 100% + 25% + 9.67%) = 5818


Note: I was just trying one thing: what if you have a shield and a gun that both do +200% melee after Phaseslam? They actually don’t stack, it’s the same +200% as if you were only using one of them. But using a gun with “+200% melee after Phaseslam” and a shield with “+100% melee after action skill end” did add up to +300%.

I discourage you from spending points on the melee guardian rank because of its additive nature. With some good melee bonuses you’ll get over +500% melee damage, and +10% from GR only raises that to +510%, so it’s pretty useless.

PS: all those anointments last 10 seconds.


thanks all for the additional info.

As for GR bonus, could be right, I do have some in GR , but not sure how many points at the mo. Will check when Im back on.