Annointments - do some really work?

I remembered wrong. It is ase. The 25 per weapon damage is on grenade throw.
For moze is ase when i get out of iron bear or is it when autobear ends?

Ase is when Moze get out of IB.

The +25% damage on grenade throw is really good on Moze. I just found a Cloning Maddening Tracker with that and it is really good since her AS is longer than others.


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Depending what other skills your using, the 100% would only be additive to some as its based on the card damage. If your running with multiple boosts of the same type, the returns deminish the higher you go. - did you take into account the elemental resistance on the target? As well as guardian rank bonus?
Though if ones going to cheat; theres no point in any of it, may aswell just make it instagib things… :roll_eyes:

yeah, i found the % doesn’t apply what you’d think it’d apply.

Best way to simplify it is to take everything off your character apart from Guardian Ranks (if you have them), so no mods, skills points apart from an action skill.

Look at the value diff between a normal shot and one after ase.

thats your added value.

It basically looks at your char alone.

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Spot on with GR Melee %.

Just wanted to confirm


That’s what I said. With no skill points, nada, no other buffs, the damage increase was 75%.

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Possibly; though as its not available in the game in its current iteration; i prefer to find where it is/ can be made available instead of adding something into the mix through other means; once all other avenues are depleted, then it may be worth an outside injection

Being this far into this games life cycle; we’ve hardly found all the options/ interactions available nor have we seen that having them all work perfectly being absolutely necessary to succeed against the hardest content we have recieved