Annoints buff confusion

the annoints buff is greatly welcomed by why has zane got a higher crit bonus than flak :joy::joy:

Because Fl4k already has lots of crit bonuses and Zane only has the one

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the more important question is, why has amara a 50% elemental chance anoint when there is one with 75% elemental chance AND damage?

but does zane not have cryo buffs ??

Please go read anything in the Zane section by @flightx3aa or @studdugie regarding why Zane’s accuracy buffs without bonus crit damage are wasted.

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He can do cryo damage without a cryo weapon (i.e., Binary System, Best Served Cold, Trick of the Light, Winter’s Drone, Cold Bore, and SNTL cryo anointed weapons ) but he has no skills, augments, or passives that boosts cryo damage nor cryo efficieny.


We do have a wicked anointment now lol

so he has an anoinment that boosts cryo damage now , due to skills applying cryo with no cryo needed?

It’s no boosting cryo damage. It’s bonus cryo damage


The SNTL cryo anointment ONLY applies to the weapon in hand that has SNTL cryo anointment. So far there are no shields, grenades, coms, or artifacts that have SNTL cryo anointments. So far it’s limited strictly to weapons. I keep saying “so far” because who knows with GBX.

ok then so you are doing more damage if you have cryo then ? which has skill to apply cryo without the gun having ,so zane a cryo specialist build therefore bonus cryo. flak is a crit build and radiation build so why wouldn’t his crit be more is what am saying

The anointment does not buff cryo weapons, it just adds cryo damage. You can use a maggie with bonus sntnl cryo, and the maggie now shoots cryo.

Fl4k probably has 1000% bonus crit damage in his skill trees lol. (i might be exaggerating nobody freak out)

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Not in general. The only time you do more cryo damage with a cryo weapon on Zane is if that weapons specifically has Zane’s SNTL cryo anointment. That is the ONLY exception. Let me be clear here. The anointment is NOT boosting the native cryo damage of the weapon. A simple way of thinking about it is that it’s simply adding an additional cryo projectile to the weapon.

BTW, I wouldn’t characterize Zane as a cryo specialist. Zane simply doesn’t fit into a neat category. He is the jack of all trades but master of non (except for fun) character. :grin:

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i understand that what am trying to get as is that primarily flak is either crit or radiation or rakks so far so why would not put the 75 on flak as well as it cant be used with fade away , all fade away annoints are terrible.

Because FL4K is crit incarnate! FL4K can shoot an enemy on his pinky toe and score a crit. FL4K can crit uncritable or hard to crit enemies like skags and dinosaurs. Adding more crit to FL4K is like adding sugar to honey. :grin:

Tbf the rakk anointments are good. The gamma burst radiation should possibly get buffed I’ve seen people talk about it. But fadeaway takes super advantage of tons of action skill end anointments and I don’t think there’s many people asking for better fadeaway anointments because he’s already insanely good with them lol.

he maybe likes it sweet as hes squishy

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extra handling and accuracy and a nova :joy::joy: ASE annoints all characters use

Yes but fadeaway uses them exceptionally well, all of your ASE anointments apply to the 3rd shot. Which creates a lot of synergy.

really only launchers or snipers that got the 3rd shot bonus. don’t get me wrong zane has terrible annoints as well like sliding and stuff