Annoited gear guide

Hello all. Not sure where to post this but here goes. Is there a centralized annoited gear guide stating all the different types of possible annoitments gear can have? Or is it located in each classes page? And would that cover the universal annoitments that can be utilized by any class?
The reason I ask is because as a Fl4k player and using Rakks almost exclusively, my best class specific annoitment is extra charge of rakk attack which, not gonna lie, can be a little underwhelming once you can maximize cooldown enough to spam them at will. Fade Away has a couple meh ones but also a really solid nova pop after exiting. As far as GB goes, I’ve only ever seen additional radiation damage after using GB. Even though class specific annoitments are more sought after, I find myself using universal annoitments that activate after action skill ends, which when combined with constant Rakks can really pump up damage or reload speed or fire rate.
Anyone else seen any other class annoitment for Fl4k Rakk attack builds besides the extra charge? Are the other VH class specific annoitments just as lackluster as Fl4ks?
Does anyone know of a guide showing different annoitments for gear?

I could have sworn I came across one on the fandom wiki (

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Awesome. Thanx. Seems that I have not seen all annoitments for Fl4k, especially on Rakk Attack. Seems Amara has fantastic annoitments, no one else even comes close really

On that note, do the Anointments work for you? They either don’t work for me or I can’t tell.

Yeah, they proc for me. The universal ones that give increased damage after action skill use or increased named, badass damage, I can definitely tell work after sending out Rakks and using said gun. Its normally what allows me to nullify modifiers. My Lyuda especially that I got from an Annoited Militant world drop is a storming lyuda that has an annoitment that gives 100% gun damage after action skill use. I tested it with horrible modifiers and it is literally what saves me most of the time.
The extra charge of Rakk Attack annoitments only seem to proc sometimes. You can fix this easily by re equipping the weapon, shield or grenade. The FA annoitments work, the nova always goes off and the weapon handling and accuracy one (the worst) seems to be proccing as well. The only one I haven’t tested is the Gamma Burst one, but I did get a sweet Nuclear Infinity with an annoitment on it that gives +65% radiation bonus while gamma burst is active from a white chest at the end of my play time yesterday. So super excited to give it a whirl.

Cool, thanks.