Announcement for Fanart threads - Considerate Posting

While we encourage posting of Fanart, Cosplay and related content to the games we have one slight request for all you artists, cosplayers and other content creators.
If you are planning on posting large numbers of images in a post, of which we’ve seen quite a number of in the various fanart threads, we kindly ask that you take a moment to consider people with limited data or slower internet speeds when posting.

As such it would be appreciated if posts with 5 or more pieces of artwork could be edited so that you have the pieces in Hide Details drop-downs. I know some of you may be new to these forums, and may not know what exactly the drop-down function looks like on this forum so


For this, you click on the cog (at the right hand side of the toolbar) and you get the list above, which when clicked on will give you this

[details="Summary"] This text will be hidden [/details]
Spread across 3 lines. To embed a picture in one of these just post the text that appears when it’s uploaded, or the link if it’s a copy and pasted image. (If it doesn’t work first time, you may need to put a blank line between the details="summary" Image link /details like so


Example Image

This goes generally for all posts with a lot of pictures, but since there’s a lot of Artists making fanart threads here lately, I decided #battleborn:news was the most relevant place.


I’m a little curious as to why so many fan art threads have suddenly been created. Where were all these people when the game was a bit more popular :joy:


On twitter


I believe originally, a lot of them lived on Tumblr. While I don’t know if this was the case for everyone, I encouraged several to start posting their art on Twitter so they might get better exposure (ie so that devs might see their art etc). Not sure what caused the forums reposting, but its definitely really nice to see compilations of artworks I’ve seen over a long period of time all in one place.

Much like any other social platform, the forums can be quite scary to jump into, so i commend everyone who’s had the courage to join and share their work with even more ppl! :heart: