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Point me in the right direction if this isn’t where I post an issue with the preview_mod. I’ve started a player vs CPU game tonight and have just gotten around to building fighters (I’m only 15 minutes in). I’m using Vagyr race, and the “huge” unit cap. Fleet asset side panel says I have 65/135 fighters built. I have 10 squadrons of fighters and 3 squadrons of bombers, for a total of 70 and 18, 98 units total. As stated side panel shows 65/135, and 50/135 for fighters, 15/135 bombers. I’ll post again if I see any other mis-counts. Real life has kicked in though and I’m off to work for the night, Likely won’t get back on for a few days.

This was changed intentionally in the Patch Preview. See Issue #7 on the 2.1 Patch Balance Issues thread:

It needs to be explained to me then what difference this will make (what is transferring the swarm?) when I can still technically make the same number of fighters. What scenario am I missing?

In multiplayer you can transfer ships to your allies, which lead to the issue above. It didn’t matter for singleplayer. Also the swarm means fighters and corvettes.

Before the 2.0 Patch all hiigaran and vaygr fighter squadrons counted as 1 supply. Didnt matter if the squad had 3 or 7 ships in it. Now in the Patch Preview all hiigaran and vaygr fighter squadrons count as 5 supply except scouts which are 3 supply.

That makes sense. I haven’t played the online multiplayer, no high speed out my way. Thank you.

@JoeKGBX sorry to tag you for something minor, since

  1. as the only community manager you’re very busy
  2. support for Homeworld has ended
  3. maybe you already know this
  4. even if you know, maybe you can’t do much about it

but I would nonetheless like to make you aware that BitVenom and his team went silent on winter and spring of this year to work on a huge update. The devs teased us and kept saying the update would soon be released (and this is what they initially planned indeed), but they actually released it a year after the previous patch. A year long of teasing, “we will release soon” and a lots of month of complete silence led a few people to a sort of mistrust in the dev team (I’m not sure that is the correct term to express the feeling, but I’m not that good in english, so sorry for my vocabulary); we knew an update was being worked on, but not knowing pretty much anything else for a year was not a very pleasant experience.

When they finally released 2.0, it was more bugged than we all would expect, and we also got to know why they didn’t share more info before release: they completely rewrote the movement code to let us have working formations, to name one thing, and since this equals pretty much to re-developing half the game, they feared they could not be up to the task, or better finish it in time / in a timely manner, so they focused on getting formations going but did not pay much attention to rebalancing the game. The community pretty much rolled up it’s sleeves and gave huge feedback to the devs. See here just how much feedback we are talking about: Patch 2.0 - Reactions!

Thanks to this, and I would also like to point out thanks to the fact that they made some files public instead of encrypting them, devs were able to quickly roll out the current 2.1 public version.

At this point, the devs just realized how fast they could do balance changes by involving the community (it turns out some of it’s member actually play the game better than devs themselves… someone correct me if I understod this wrong) and something magic happened. On June, in this thread BitVenom announced that the next patches would be developed in public. A mere three hours earlier, this thread was created: 2.1 Patch Balance Issues
The first post has 110 edits, every edit added a new bug, added suggestions on how to solve it (all this thanks to the community who discussed about them and perfected these solutions) or stated that said bug was solved in a release of the patch preview.

One month later, we didn’t hear anything more from the devs, from the community manager… not even from forum modders. For 4 months. Untill someone had the idea to ask you. Did you get how ironic the whole situation is? Being told that everyone could participate in the developement of the game, yet support for Homeworld ended the month later. Now we are left with the main release and a public beta. I will not elaborate on this hint any further.

And also I will not ask you to properly thank for us BitVenom and the other guys for all the work they did on this franchise: if you attempted to do it properly, you would end up spamming them so much that they will blacklist you on sight :slight_smile: Also, most likely they didn’t want to switch project untill they were really done with this one, so I think having them being remembered about this would make them both happy and nostalgic / a little sad for the situation we are left with.

About this very last thing, I would like instead for you to thank your higher-ups (and the dev team too, just ignore the previous paragraph) who made a reality of the situation we are left with: after all that happened, after all the not-so-pleasant feelings that both the devs and Gearbox management treated their customers with, it’s still better being left with such problems (bugs that modders are powerless against and that require only a dev to solve, both a current and a beta version, which is just better than the current one, the franchise heading to the limbo once again), rather than seeing Homeworld forgotten in the limbo it was.

Actually, while writing this block of text I changed my mind about a second thing. I would like to ask the community if they would be ok with releasing the public beta version as mainstream, so that the people who have the game but that don’t frequent the forum and are not aware of the beta can still enjoy it. I don’t know if this will cause problems with mods being currently developed… And after this is done and you guys agree… not that I’m expecting a thing, but would at least be possible for you Joe to ask if BitVenom & team gives the green light for this and then finally ask permission for someone to update the current version?

At this point this is my only concern. We will learn, or have already learned, to play with formations that are beautiful to see but that don’t actually work in game as intended.

Thanks for the time for reading trough all this.

P.s.: is it possible to know if we will one day be overjoyed about what BitVenom and team are working on now more than we are heart-broken for them having to move out from this project before it was finished properly?

Edit: @BitVenom I started writing this post more than 2 hours ago, and while I was writing you resuscitated. Now I feel strange, but whatever :hushed:
Glad to see you… and thanks for your hard work and for letting us have these problems, I guess :slight_smile:


The assets (myself, etc) that were assigned to HW:RM are not any longer - after the extremely long post-release patch effort (well over a year!), people were re-assigned - and I think socially people needed a break.

That said, the public preview still exists, and may see some updates. Ideally the public preview has the various kinks ironed out and is given a green-light to be released (2.5 anyone?). I can’t speculate as to the odds or timing of that, but it is certainly greater than zero.

I can’t speak to what anyone is assigned to right now - we don’t talk about unannounced projects :slight_smile: After the last patch update I jumped on another project to help with a few things (during which time I did some patch preview updates in tandem!), and have since moved to another project entirely! As may have been clear when I was focused on HW:RM, I personally get very, very tunnel vision about my work - most everything else falls to the wayside.

However, with the holidays coming up, it is likely I’ll burn some of my personal hours giving attention to HW:RM. Not only is working on your main project when everyone (including yourself) is on vacation bad for your health - it’s not terribly productive to do teamwork with an absent team… HW:RM work is effectively stuff I can do alone - but you never know I may end up getting a few others to lend some spare time to the effort!

It is impossible to read and digest every comment/DM/etc that’s been posted since July - so I won’t try. Feel free to post in the public preview threads if you have specific issues (and yes, I am aware of most raised so far), and I’ll see what I can do. As this is 100% random time, it isn’t possible to make any promises, of any sort.

And for the record - as I think Joe and others have said - even with HW:RM’s engineering re-assigned, beyond just having pet projects to fix bugs and attempt minor, infrequent updates, etc - I don’t think anyone here is done with Homeworld.


Much as myself and other diehards would love to have full bore development forever, I quite appreciate you letting us know what’s going on, and look forward to any tweaking you find the time to do. Thank you for all the work you’ve already done, and for engaging with us despite how much we’ve pestered you at times.


Just knowing that you will take a look at it is more than any of us could have hoped for at this point :wink: I can’t say how much I (and I assume the others still lurking around here as well) appreciate that you are willing to spend your free time on doing some work for HW:RM ! :relaxed:

I think the first post in this thread by CryCoh sums up the issues and possible causes + solutions the community has come up with in regard to the formation bug #666, which as far as I know is the only big remaining issue.


Thanks for the update!

Anyway we could help or get involved? No sense making this a one man effort if the load at all becomes too taxing.

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Thanks for the update!
May I know what’s your priority when you work on HWRM in holidays? I mean, will you focus on things like fixing bugs in the game itself, or write documents of those new things in version 2.x like how to use ship patch system to change the texture of a ship, or update HODOR or RODOH, etc ?

The 2.x builds are pretty well understood by the Mod community, I think. HODOR updates may be useful for some minor stuff (DAE->NIS, Background stars?). Almost any other issue is going to be a code patch of some sort - including any additional ship patching features, bug fixes, etc.

I’ve done a bit of HWRM work here and there the past few days - mostly related to merging some random code that we were working on that was never used (as otherwise it’ll be moved past and lost, most likely). Solid public feature updates may (MAY) happen via the public patch preview over the next few weeks. If that build is well received by the public (and generally because it is an opt-in beta, mostly the Mod community!), I imagine (but can’t promise or control) that a build would be promoted to the actual public release as a patch (2.11? 2.5? No idea).


Thanks for the update and that you are willing to spend your free time (just be careful of your health, ok?). It’s more than anyone could ask.


@Bitvenom: I have every confidence in you and your abilities. Lets hope for the best that you will manage to get a new public patch authorized. It’s also very awesome that you told us the truth about the internal things going on in your office right now. While it saddens me that you folks have been reassigned it was somewhat to be expected and not surprising. Companies need to keep going and moving on to other projects.

While it’s very unlikely that this new project will have anything to do with Homeworld I hope it actually does. But considering Gearbox’es past it’s once again very unlikely. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the patch to bad that your chief aint a woman otherwise I would suggest giving a lovely smile and making pretty eyes in order to get the patch through. lol.

Nah if they feel it’s solid and working and you and some others did all the additions in private time I see no reason why they shouldn’t grant a release. Considering it’s not getting downloaded over your FTP servers but Steams I see no financial reason why it shouldn’t get released. Unless companies need to pay for every download happening on Steam servers that would suck.

Either way good luck and thanks for your continued support. It’s pity that the Forums here have become somewhat silent. Lets hope your potential future patch will turn that around once more. :slight_smile:


Hi @BitVenom, after talking with the team there’s actually very short list of fields that we would want to change per-ship on the fly or just from within the custom code on load.

Armour Family

We would like to be able to change the armour family on the fly to better emulate the visual aspect of shields with shield “up” and “down” hit FX. We can use our existing shield code to do this per ship with the exception of actually changing the armour family of a specific ship.

Alternatively, a long time ago you mentioned some better ways to go about shields (I would imagine hit FX management would still need to be part of it though?)


Unique ship names and registries, these could be assigned in the Custom Code on ship create.


I would like to be able to disable lighting, or flicker it, based on a ship’s health, a critical hit or EMP-ed-ness from within the Custom Code

Also, with this available, we might be able to add a “Borg Channel” to the ship shader and have assimilation texture show on a ship after it has been captured by a Borg player. Hopefully with a transition, but I am not going to overestimate my abilities with this one :sweat_smile:

There would have to be three “Borg Channels” actually, DIFF, GLOW and NORM…


This is mostly possible now, right? Hasn’t anyone used the ship shader stuff? I already did tests with some ships turning off their glows on demand, etc…


A quick search reveals only one other thread with the commands mentioned in them:

I’ll do some more testing with this and the custom command (my own tests failed before, but I was using “NewShipType” in the commands, which I realise now should be the SOB group…). I’ll not clog this thread up with my results

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Hello BitVenom et al.
I see recently that DoK gets great come back with more and more attention. It is largely due to streamers/youtubers/commentators. It has twice a week if not more tournament called Artifact Cup. So let’s try to answer what mainly cauae this games apart. It is ability to have game replies or commentator seat in game.
Realistically is it something that can be put into HWR? It has great skilled players, game stars. Therefore in modern RTS have proper support for streaming and commentating is crucial. That’s how people get interested and inspired by good players - it tieds community around the game.
Please consider.