Announcement - Public Patch Preview

This is mostly possible now, right? Hasn’t anyone used the ship shader stuff? I already did tests with some ships turning off their glows on demand, etc…


A quick search reveals only one other thread with the commands mentioned in them:

I’ll do some more testing with this and the custom command (my own tests failed before, but I was using “NewShipType” in the commands, which I realise now should be the SOB group…). I’ll not clog this thread up with my results

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Hello BitVenom et al.
I see recently that DoK gets great come back with more and more attention. It is largely due to streamers/youtubers/commentators. It has twice a week if not more tournament called Artifact Cup. So let’s try to answer what mainly cauae this games apart. It is ability to have game replies or commentator seat in game.
Realistically is it something that can be put into HWR? It has great skilled players, game stars. Therefore in modern RTS have proper support for streaming and commentating is crucial. That’s how people get interested and inspired by good players - it tieds community around the game.
Please consider.