Annoyed at 'A Player has Exited'

Are people doing this on purpose when they don’t get a team configuration they like?

Really freaking annoying since it happens like 3 times when match-making (or I guess just slamming a bunch of people together), causing it to regroup entirely.

Is this for pve or pvp? in pvp I cant say why most people quit, maybe they just feel like a losing game isnt worth playing and they feel they can tell if they are going to lose from the start, in my case I left games which was pointless to me, im just trying to get my lore unlock for foxtrot but its a waste of time if there is no mike or if someone takes foxtrot first. I dont like leaving, I really hate it, but i dont want to waste 15+ mins if I played every game till i got my 25 mike kills I would have to play for a week

PvE? thats really hard to say maybe they feel the mission is impossible with the current set up, or maybe they just quit cause they have lost it so many times I.E. the saboteur. other then that maybe they just dont like the mission, can you really blame someone for not wanting to play 30 mins of something they dont like?

Realize I wasn’t super clear, I mean when you’re trying to queue up, primarily for a PvP mission.

PvP-wise, there’s also the issue that some lore challenges requires a specific hero on the other team.

I have seen it happen a lot in story mode if people dont get the map they want to go to, kinda crappy way to handle things, but on the other hand I know it took me a really really long time to do Void’s Edge in story mode just because on the rare occasion that it would be an option I ended up being outvoted to go there. I’m not the kinda guy that would exit just because I didn’t get the map I wanted personally, even though some stages are downright brutal there is always something to learn.

But in both of the above examples, it happens after the group moves beyond the grouping screen. I see it happening time and time again when trying to get a group together. Happens even after all 5 on each side, one exists and then it’s back to finding a new set of players entirely. This is before going into any map screen or later.

I would just have to guess they just gave up on waiting, or had to go, there really is no real reason maybe they just feel like they cant win with people under lvl 10 on there team? since you cant leave and join a new game once one has started and if they super care about there win loss thats the only way to be sure of a win

When it comes to things like lore, cosmetics, anything that is not playable content I think the games designers imagine you forgetting about those challenges, play the game normally and then as a surprise / bonus you will unlock something when you are not expecting it.

Probelm is players have the Pokémon got to get them all attitude and want everthing NOW then moan when grinding out a task is boring and repatitive or when people leave games because the right enemy is not present or whatever.

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Had this happen a few times…
And some people have even had their mics on, and say something nasty/negative (generally about command ranks), and then leave the queue…
It’s a bit off putting…
Even more so if they leave, only to be put back in the same bunch, and soon enough everyone is reaching for the ‘mute’ button, because the nasty/negative attitude continues for the entire match/storymode…
But push through my Battleborn friends, we are greater than the few!


only done this once, was tired and it was me by myself with a team also full of randoms i’m rank 30 the rest were rank 2 and the other team was a premade of 5 and all rank 23 and above.

i was like nope nope nope nope im to tired to deal with this. good night.

I getting real sick of afk players. You can tell who they are in the character select screen when the timer runs out before they pick a hero.

“I cant believe I just so happened to hit the final boss in the face with a charged hook 12 times with a character that has absolutely no right to go into such a mission, I also happened to win the saboteur with them to” I doubt that they seriously expected you to just accidentally get these, alot of them require you to do things really weird the lore challenges are ment to be just that, but since they went for, weirdly specific things instead of wildly large amount of kills for most of them they become this really hard to grind thing

Simple fix to this would be to follow Paragons setup by not allowing you to enter another match until the previous one that you joined has finished…

Like it already gives you the option to rejoin… How about keep that, just not make it possible to exit completely like it does now when you try and enter another match

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you cant join a new game of pvp, they force you back into the game, pve you can leave go to something all new tho

Ahh so that mechanic is already in place? I apologise as I haven’t ventured into PvP as of yet, just finished the campaign last night… I think they need to bring in a more tougher punishment then in order to combat this… Maybe a loss of XP or some form of ban if you’ve left too many games in a short period of time… I guess I got all this to look forward too, I’m no noob at MOBA’s so it’s something I’m familiar with, but I’ve hardly encountered a game where punishment for leaving was actually enough…

But that’s not what’s being discussed. That’s exiting after the game’s initialized. I’m mostly frustrated when sitting in queue, seeing the ‘Player Found’, and just after having the group’s identified, having the whole thing jump back to searching for all players with the tag ‘a player has exited the match’. As someone pointed out above, I think it’s people deliberately jumping out at the last second before they’re locked in (choosing a map, choosing a character, then match start) - when that happens, instead of finding 1 replacement, it throws that entire grouping out the window.

I can understand people doing that for the reason also listed about - ■■■■■■ match-making grouping people inappropriately. Guess I’ve never done that. But I’ve been in queue many times to have the entire group reset since one person left. I guess it’s the only right way to do that, but monsterously irritating.

You’re already locked in once the map-selection option comes up, so that’s not it. They’re literally leaving even before that, so it may just be because someone’s busy.

And that’s exactly what I’m really not sure by. I can see there being a potential split second. But the other is that the servers are causing it. Have been curious though.

EDIT: Yeah, there’s a good second or two after the opponents pop up. You can sit there with the ‘Are you sure you want to exit match?’ and there’s plenty of time to hit ENTER after you see the opposing line up before moving on (1-2 seconds is PLENTY of time). I didn’t do this, but can see it being really easy to sit there ready to hit enter and throw the whole line-up out.

Yeah, you are right, once the enemy team is found, you have about 0-3 seconds to quickly hit e+enter to leave the matchmaking before the game locks in. 0 seconds as it doesnt work all the time, so its not intentionally but due to server lag I assume?
And yes, I hover over E+Enter when it searches for the enemy team and I will continue to do so, as long as their is no skill related match making. Its a waste of everyones time, if match making throws you in with a few command rank 2 or 3 people vs 5-men premade group of 25+. Its a steamrolling in the making and I dont have that much playing time at hand to waste it with such lost causes. Believe it or not, I dont care about my win/loss stats, but I would really appreciated if the teams are weren’t so terribly loopsided one way or the other like 70% of my games. Close games are the best fun you can have, regardless of the outcome.

And being thrown back into matchmaking for another minute is much better then the 10-30 minutes of martyrdom, which awaits you otherwise (more often then not people refuse to surrender a lost match).

I praise the day they will hopefully split matchmaking into solo queue / premade queue and make is skillbased.

Yeah, it’s really annoying to have the groups thrown out when it happens, but totally get (and agree) the time-wasting with horrible match-making may be the main culprit.

And will compound if not addressed soon since the behavior is being taught now. So even when matchmaking is more reasonable, you’d have people remain trigger happy to get something potentially in their favor even. Needs to be stomped out in a way that serves the fun of the game for everyone… IE: Better match making.

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