Annoying animation glitch

Hi there,

Just bought BL1 during Steam Winter sales. After reading here and there and tweaking a bit the settings, I still have a really ennoying animation glitch.
Indeed, nearly any move of the mouse would have the screen split horizontally in 2 halves, with, like, the upper part animation being late vs. the lower part. Really ennoying.

I’ve disabled Vsync, which allows me to go to 60 FPS (15-30 with vsync). This is compared to 130 FPS with BL2 on Ultra.

What am I doing wrong ?

Setup: i5 at 4.33 GHz, nvidia GTX 970, all softwares up to date, Windows 7.

Doh, I should have read more.

According to Cut-Scene/Loading Screen Stuttering , the problem was my 30 Hz refresh rate. Setting it to 60 Hz + vsync did the trick.