Annoying enemy Auto-scaling

First off, amazing game. The wait has been well worth it.

I can get around a lot of the other bugs that posters are complaining about(formations and tactics not working, repair corvettes, etc etc etc), but could the developers PLEASE, for the love of all that’s good and holy, patch out the annoyingly, horrendous auto-scaling feature on the enemy units?
It’s the sole reason why I don’t play the Homeworld 2 campaign anymore, and it’s an utter disappointment seeing it implemented in Homeworld 1 Remaster as well now. I had hoped it would have been removed from both. Even on the classic Homeworld 2 people complained, I don’t understand why it was kept.
It’s no fun being punished for playing well, and I hate gimping myself at the end of each level just to keep the timed missions playable.

Is there somewhere we can request this or perhaps get a petition going for the implementation?


Auto-scaling? You mean that units display too large when at a distance?

That feature is called ‘NLIPS’, and can be disabled in the options. It helps a lot with control, but yeah it’s really immersion-breaking IMO.

He’s talking about the ‘balance’ mechanic that HW2 used. It scales the enemy fleet size based on how big your fleet is. HW1 had a similar system but it used tiers and there was a maximum size that the enemy fleet could achieve to keep things reasonable. HW2 had no such sensible limits so you could encounter huge fleets or small ones.

With this used in HW1 it can make some situations very difficult, almost as if you are being punished for playing well. One early example is how many ass frigs are attacking the cryo trays in mission 3. I had 2 because I spent way too long trying to capture things (poorly) in mission 2 and nearly lost my entire fleet, but people who have done well in mission 2 have had up to 8 ass frigates attacking the cryo trays. This makes it pretty much impossible to save them all.

Other missions have similarly huge variances. People hated it in HW2, so it’s no surprise to see it hated in HW1 now too.

you know i think it should be possibly to cap the enemy scaling.

Surprisingly I barely see anybody complaining about it, I suppose everyone just accepts it and adapts to bypass the system screwing them over. I got stomped on mission 3, the assault frigates blew up all the cryopods before my salvage corvettes had a chance to salvage even one. It’s a ■■■■■■■■ game mechanic to be honest. I don’t even want to know how the numbers will be stacked in Homeworld 2 where the Vaygr are attacking the giant jump gate.

I hope the devs read this thread and fix this. The best part of Homeworld is the story and it messes up the every loss counts fleet carry over mechanic that the original had. Major detraction from the overall experience.

Let me complain about this…

I’m a salvager, it’s how I play the game. So when I spend 18 hours salvaging every single ion frigate on the bridge of sighs, only to be bombarded by about 500 enemy frigates in the first 2 minutes of chapel perilous, and I don’t know how many ships in hiigara in the first 60 seconds, it pretty much makes the last two levels impossible to beat (I got by chapel perilous by luckily hitting some bug that locked all enemy ships in place after a reload of a autosave).

And before you say I should be able to attack with those 120 or so frigates I capture on bridge of sighs, remember that when you jump into a system the frigates are spread out in a straight line to the left, and being 120 ships or more it stretches so far you can’t even get them grouped in front of the mothership until about 20 minutes of waiting.

Fix it!

Brant1: I had the same problem but wanted to see if it was somewhat fixable: so what I did what this - if you complete bridge of sighs with those ~150 ion frigates in a sphere formation, they will start mission 15 in that exact sphere formation, instead of the mega-long line. I have no idea if this works for wall formation or any other tightly grouped formation. I took some screenshots here:

Mission 15 was an amazing battle with the massive Taiidan army (I see link above for some screenshots of their fleet), and I am actually now a fan of the auto-balancing. It made this mission much more fun that just steamrolling (like it used to work in classic).

I encountered no less than NINE Vaygr battlecruisers in Balcora. NINE. The worst part is they were all groups around Makaan’s flagship so there wasn’t so much “strategy” as it was “bull rush”. The only thing that saved me was micromanaging my bombers and corvettes.

That’s post-patch HW2. You’d likely have been facing twelve or more when the game first released.

And yeah, the game does punish you for doing well. It punishes you for doing okay. There are enough RUs in HWR to build a whole new fleet almost every mission, so unless you retire a bunch of things at the end of a scenario, you’re almost certain to be entering most of the missions with a maxed-out fleet even if you took a whole bunch of losses because you’re just not that good. At which point the game decides that you must be the 1337 strategy master because you can wipe the drool off your chin, and proceeds to slap you around with the whole damn Taiidan Empire.

It also doesn’t help that frigates, which pretty much have to make up the bulk of any fleet that exceeds the build caps, are made of lose and fail and armored with wet toilet paper… while the enemy can make up for their frigates’ squishiness by always having at least twice as many of them as you do.

This is really not a very newbie-friendly game right now.