Annoying female comments

Since sunday I have in the german version of the game, an annoying female voice, that gives comments all the time. And the words are not polite, like “you ass****”, “plug in purely”, “f**** off” and any more. That´s not funny! The voice is definitely new, and no one of the characters, and you can not stop them with the options “no character comments” and “no violence”. The unlike person gives comments to all actions, e.g. if you reloading the weapons. I play the game all the time in a couch co-op splitt screen for two persons, and regardless of the character she gives comments. Is this any crack or is this real? The last, I don´t think so, because it´s under the dignity of Gearbox!

Are you using a particular weapon when this happens? Such as the Boganella shotgun?

Some of the guns have voices and distinct personalities.


That’s definitely the Boganella.


This made me laugh, from the makers of the game that had you loot toilets comes dignity and maturity.


While I haven’t experienced this, can the voice be transferred to your other weapons (like the Morningstar in BL2)? If this happened, everything the OP does will have the Boganella cursing at him until the next game restart.

I do recall that glitch happening to someone a while back, yes.

Yes. If you have the Boganella in one of your equipment slots (but not your current weapon), the voice will eventually transfer just like the Morning Star. Not sure if that applies if it’s just in your inventory though.

In my Canuckistan version of the game, though, the voice is very definitely an Australian male (presumably called Bruce Boganella).

And at least it isn’t as annoying as the original version of the Bane from BL2!

don’t recall that happening to me yet, but yes that sure sounds like the Boganella, I’ll go through a mission with it equipped and reload often, just to listen to it talkin a blue streak.

Kind of reminds me of Krieg’s rants, before they nerfed him

Thank you, and I have tested seconds ago, it´s definitely the shotgun, named Boganella - so no crack, incredible!
I am a player of Borderlands since the first part, I have spend time more than serveral hundred hours about all three parts with my wife. Borderlands is the best couch co-op game ever! But this is not funny, because it is not cool to say or hear all the time “p*** off”, “you ass****”, f*** you, “st*** me into” and many more - that is humor for … - I don´t know?! :smile:

It’s okay, not every joke is going to make everyone laugh. A ‘bogan’ is an Australian term for a very common or lower class vulgar person, I believe.

and boganelle is a female version of ^
aka a basic bitch

I have not had a comment here in a while, but this thread was worth it.

Kinda makes me wanna get back in the game again.

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I took a break for a while, but have been back pretty much exclusively for the last couple of weeks. The biggest problem is that, even with the final DLC, the game is just a bit too short. Unlike BL2, for example, it is looking very likely that I’ll have to either reset UVHM or do some pretty tedious grinding to get my first character up to maximum level. It’s taking long enough to get to 60! I’m not saving too many side-quests, either: just recently completed the Boganella one (to bring this back on topic) since I’m not a fan of the gun and don’t really care if I have a level 70 one or not.

Whoah what? When was he nerfed?

Yeah, I don’t care for the Boganella voice - there’s another gun in TPS that keeps saying “kill, kill, kill” - that works…

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Not for me - too shrill/high pitched. TBH, first time I heard it I thought it was those midget scavs yelling at me. The gun is good grinder fodder, though!

been awhile back (maybe about 6-8 months after BL2 came out), one of his skill trees would have him talking a blue streak a mile widethat offended a few people, so they nerfed it, I even recall a petition on the old forum to bring it back (unnerf if you will), lost interest in playing him after that nerf, he was never the same in my mind.

Hope they don’t do that with the boganelle, would hate to hear what they would replace those comments with

Wow, If Krieg used to be WORSE than he is now, he must’ve been full-on! I haven’t played Krieg in over a year and just got back to him last night - the first thing I noticed was his ranting; it’s quite disturbing some of the stuff he comes out with. He must have been really, really psycho before!!

Which reminds me, I have to go and learn how to play him again; he seems to die a LOT at the moment. Which might explain his ranting…

its just raving retribution, so basically constantly if your specced into hellborn.