Annoying glitch in BL1

Hi when i first installed borderlands i immediately experienced some glitches. Game would freeze in place for like 1 second each time i would:

  • Use an elemental weapon (only if i hit someone),
  • Pick up cash
  • Enter/leave phase-walk (but only when enemies take damage from it).

I really like this game so i reinstalled my entire system, installed older drivers that are (supposedly) most compatible with my graphic card and installed borderlands on a separate partition. And it worked! For over a month BL1 worked perfectly fine with no graphical glitches in sight. Not even one freeze until few days ago. And now it’s worse than before. Sometimes i get freezes when i only switch to an elemental weapon, before i even fire it.

I really do not feel like reinstalling my system again (tried reinstalling the game, accomplished nothing). Did someone experienced similar problems? Anyone knows solution?

My computer:

Windows XP SP3 (Yes i know, im waiting for win 10)
Inter Core 2 Duo CPU E8400 3Ghz
ATI Radeon HD 4850
4Gigs of ram (3.5 due to operating system limitations)

Any help will be appreciated.

Which Borderlands version do you have? Retail or Steam?

Try re-installing DirectX 9.0c. In your shoes I’d also run a virus scan just to be on the safe side.

It could’ve just been a glitch while downloading it. I’ve seen this before so you might have missed some textures in the process leading to the conclusion that when you hit the element it couldn’tload the effect.

Steam. Will try this soon.

But it worked for like a month after last download :frowning:

Are you using any custom content? @wened4

Also, try downgrading your service pack to 2 and see if that helps. You could have bad fixes in your service pack causing it. I’ve had plenty of problems with service pack 3.

i suffer an annoying glitch to, when i exit phasewalk i cant pick things up, i dont know why though?

Possibly because BL1 always had quite some bugs, but now that it’s not being fixed anymore while new hardware hits the market the amount of bugs will grow.
I’ve encountered a loot of bugs on a pretty new pc with fresh bl1 install and a fresh windows install.

(Also framerate is way too low and instable on my GTX750)