Annoying Last Stand bug

Ok, Im on my UVH playthrough, and several times i have encountered a bug where last stand lasts half a second and you die pretty much instantly after being downed. The most recent occurences have been in round 5 of Finks slaughterhouse during the very last part of the round with 49/50 headshots i was downed by several suiciders and second wind lasted half a second (not even long enough for me to fire a single SMG round. This bug is obnoxious and needs a patch, needless to say it sucks ASS being randomly screwed over by a bug…

Im on PC

its not a bug its how the game works… the timer is faste every time you go down, until the oint where you get insta downed. you probably went down alot and your ffyl didnt reset… it is a ■■■■■■ mechanic but definatly not a bug

Like @kevinbriana said. To the best of my knowledge, using a health vile to regen some health will reset your FFYL timer so that won’t happen.

Wait do you mean buying health, picking health up, or both. Never heard of this before but I’m going to test it later.

Picking up, not sure about buying.

Which kind, the instant 30% or the slow regen for a set amount of time? If this is true this would be very useful to have a specific post about somewhere.

Not sure that it matters

Were you able to do this?

Sorry bl1 has taken over my playtime. Its on my list for this weekend.

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The FFYL timer is supposed to completely reset if you don’t go down for some period of time. There is, however, a bug where sometimes that reset (to the default FFYL time) doesn’t occur.

he was doing a slaughter house… what probably happen is he downed a few times in quick succesion from the same badass or something… if you down with short time between downs, its faster before you reach the insta death… im prestige 14 on chalenges on my krieg, when i farm second wind kills, sometimes my 3rd down is insta death, but most of the time its on the 4th… maybe he was rly going for that last headshot on a badass goliath with 2 launchers and he downed a few times rapidly…


I’m aware of how the timer works. I was simply pointing out that there is also a bug where sometimes, after not going into FFYL for a sufficient period of time, the timer fails to reset back to the default value.

I tested it and from what I can tell it doesn’t reset it completely but, it resets back to about 1/3-1/2 of the default ffyl timer.