Annoying modifier

Bullet reflection needs to go i lost count how many times i have died for that and it’s really annoying.

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Agreed. On my Zane with Barrier it’s not an issue so much, but it can still go.

One of the biggest parts of creating a consistently powerful M3 character is having items for the variety of modifier combinations. I hate Bullet reflection as much as the next guy but there are ways to deal with it.

The most obvious is well Torgue’s sticky functionality. Others are special projectiles like the Cutsman. The Ion Lazer smg works aswell. I think some special projectiles that explode on impact like the Scorgue also ignore this modifier. I always bring a Cutsman simply for this modifier.

It is still annoying to all of the sudden uproot a portion of your normal playstyle to adhere to one modifier. My understanding was that this modifier was ment to discourage players from spamming Multi pellet guns like we did in BL2. I do think even post nurf it goes farther then that.

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i have a question and don’t wanna start new topic if you can help me?
don’t red chest should respawn now because that event i have tried resetting my game but they just dont respawn i’m playing tvm mayhem 4


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cheers so there is timer not for all though it seems…