Annoying placement of icons inside the fast travel station menu

There are two stupid placements of icons inside the fast travel station. This “bug” has been annoying me from the beginning.

I always use the icons on the map to fast travel, since in BL:TPS there aren’t a lot of them on the map.

Jack’s Office and with the new DLC Subconscious both a very tiny place to click on. It’s really annoying and I’m not sure why they made it that way.

Link to the issue at hand:

As a console gamer I have never had this issue, but also as a borderlands player I would be fine if they just shrank the claptrap on the map a little and moved it right bc it is too big anyway. It would look better and you could use your icons so you have my vote.

it is an overall annoying placement of fast travel stations thruout this whole game, not enuf. but i can feel for you bro.