Annoying things in Borderlands 2 (Discussion)

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The Catapult and the Afterburner relic helped me a lot with the Death Face. Im on mobile, so dont know how to/cant quote

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I should of mentioned Nitro Stalkers earlier as they are the most annoying enemy in the game. Sure, they are a legitimate threat in the earlier difficulties but like some skills their damage scales so poorly the only thing they do in UVHM is knock you around and break your concentration. Get a couple on you and you are bouncing around all over the place as they throw spikes at you before running off.

Want to get a second wind off that loader? Oh whoops that Nitro Stalker just knocked them further back and behind that shipping crate. Trying to pop the cannons off the UBA loader? Good luck with the two Nitro Stalkers behind you farting out explosive barbs in your direction.

I think what you meant to say is ‘Rabbit stalkers’ if that is what you meant I can agree on this also, they do push and shove us vault hunters around a lot, super annoying. Also not to mention they are very hard to kill, with a small crit spot and all.

[quote=“kritchie2023, post:8, topic:375367”]
My biggest complaint is kind of hard to describe. So you’re in a level and you’re trying to run somewhere. Problem is, you either hook left or right and suddenly can’t move. There’s either a small little overhang or the area is textured weird. You then have to crouch and move in a specific direction to become unstuck. The worst offender is the first set of stairs in Washburne Refinery.
[/quote]Try having your crouch button not ‘work’. Take the Minecraft area, for example – I’d like to knock out the bottom-most blocks to go in Rambo-style and not attract the nearest Creepers; however, when this happens, I’m forced to bat out the bottom and middle blocks to let myself through. This has the downside of possibly getting hugged by any Creepers on the other side, whereas a working crouch and tunneling through the bottom row nets you the drop on them and a chance to go Rambo.

@ferconxxcollecting: Things the AI has done to piss you off

  • Spiderants doing magical midair intercepts.
  • Mad Mike having a shock</font color>-elemental rocket launcher, and inexplicably heading back toward the previous checkpoint when I was at the one behind his door
  • enemies having incredible accuracy with projectiles (100%) and throwing projectiles (sometimes)
  • dead enemies glitching, causing a total stall. Not good when you’re running away from a GOD-liath about to pound your face in.
  • Angel rubbing salt in it when you fail:
  • When you trip a barrel before the two Badass Psychos that come out of Lilith’s place (and after she warns you about the traps): “See? Traps. Don’t let that happen.”
  • Failing repeatedly to defend the beacon for the Overlook FTS: “Wow. You’re really bad at protecting that beacon.”

when the audio messes up when your in a vending machine

I think I posted before reading actually reading some of the other posts, but the OP was spot on. Bullet deflection. Words alone can not describe how much I hate it. There are only 2 instances in the game where bullet deflection is actually OK.

Semi-spoiler alert ahead

Jack, when he summons his surveyor. It makes the boss fight just a little more interesting, the surveyor is weak, and since it’s tethered to Jack it’s pretty easy to find and take out. There are also plenty of enemies nearby for second winds if you or someone else keeps trying to shoot the shield.

Believe it or, the second example of when it’s OK is Hyperius. Because it’s the basis of the entire of the fight that requires tactics other than just toss bullets at it until it dies.

PWR and BUL loaders make use of bullet deflection, but at least in their case it’s just a mild inconvenience and can easily be worked around (get in close so it tries to melee you, blow at least 1 arm off, aim for the right arm)

Cases where it’s not OK: Incinerator and the Badass T-Rex. So, while Incinerator does his little AOE attack, you just sit back and do…nothing. Sure, you can try and shoot the other dragons but it’s not going to do much. And it really just gives the other dragons and chance to shower you in pain.

The freakin Badass T-Rex. “That One Boss” of the DLC. Yeah, I know you’re supposed to aim for the cannisters to disable some of his attacks, but sometimes, they are hard to hit, and you’re going to miss once or twice. And that bullet is coming right back for your face, and there aren’t a whole lot of ways to get second winds here. Which means if you’re playing solo, have fun starting over. If you’re playing with a team, if someone tries to save you they’re probably getting nuked in the process too.

And of course there’s no real alternative to not use gun in the gun game. Melee? Puh-lease…

The bullet deflection thing annoys the hell out of me sometimes, usually when I’m gunzerking with a DPUH and can’t see what the hell I’m shooting at and end up getting downed by my own reflected bullets, lol.

The worst thing for me at the moment though is when you’re gunzerking but not holding down the triggers and one or both of your guns decide they don’t want to auto reload when the magazine is empty, and because, as with the previous point, a lot of the time you can’t see what the hell’s going on due to all the explosions and don’t realise you haven’t reloaded. I’ve almost died on many occasions because of that.

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^This. @kritchie2023- I nearly downed myself with Sal trying to take out Badassasarous- even switched to using sniper rifles against him. That- along with an Evolution and using caustic grenades- helped me take him down but yea, overall bullet deflection sucks- but I’m not opposed to the enemy using shields for a limited time…

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I just “cheat” when fighting him. Fight fire with fire. Any character other than Sal, I initiate the fight then start running for the entrance. Equip the Bee, equip the DPUH, hide behind the cement wall, shoot, crouch, shoot, crouch…

If it’s Sal I’ll just say screw it and use the Ahab and Pimpernel.


I just move a lot when I fight the BAS Rex and it works. Jump while you fire, sprint, go wild.
I like to fight him because it is kinda frenetic

l let these kids in, they say to level up the real reason is to steal when l fighting in 0p4 l don’t have time to look around and l see some thing that drop and when l came back it was gone and l ask the kids and one said the other pick it up l ask him and he leaves this happen alot it was a orange never got to see it the one kid said it was the quake all my gun boxes are gone l feel sorry for them no one to play now l’m hating it l dont have time to watch them and fight at the same time they should put age with age. the kids are around ten years

Rather late, but…

…I thought that was one of Jack’s lines.

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Players that:

  • do their own thing; forgivable if it’s relevant to any quest(s), but not otherwise.
  • ignore a Dying teammate, especially if they can help them; forgivable if the Dying player is gonna die long before they can be reached.
  • grab/complete quests without the host’s approval, especially if the host was planning to farm them.
  • go inert while in-menu, preventing all inter-map travel.
  • display bad mic etiquette, from breathing into the mic to being too loud/excessive, or BG noise (like music) that not everyone might appreciate. Hell, someone was even rapping (badly) in a Tekken lobby, much to the annoyance of everyone present.
  • two people arguing over the mic in a full session. One guy [=Mic] thought my (really good purple) Vladof Anarchist was an Infinity and told me to drop it; he was slightly disappointed, but still wanted it – problem was, another player [Text] also saw/wanted it. They start arguing about it…and Tex says something offensive to Mic, who then loses it. And you know the rest.
  • constantly get in your face and try to trade or duel.
  • try to offload gear that is lower-level and useless to you, or high(er)-level and (obviously) hacked.
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There’s a few mechanics that bugged me, but I am getting a bit annoyed that some of the in-game storyline is starting to get a bit preachy for my liking. At first the Overlook shield quest was amusing (effectively Thou Shalt Not be an Ass), but I recently ran through the Wedding Day Massacre DLC while tying up loose ends before Battleborn came out. I found the end of the storyline to be quite irritating. Essentially it boils down to a robot, Innuendobot becoming a nuisance and Mad Moxxi condemning it’s behaviour and telling the player to kill it.

There are two problems I had with this. Firstly, Innuendobot’s personality is a result of Moxxi reprogramming it in the first place. Secondly, it’s Mad Moxxi trying to preach how to behave to the Vault Hunter, and through this the player.

Let me just link to the character introduction to Mad Moxxi:

This is a character that pays hardened mercenaries to kill other people for entertainment, and they picked her to get on her high horse. Don’t get me wrong, Moxxi is a fun character, but she is not the best role model. Besides, this is a game set on Pandora. There’s not many people of outstanding moral character on Pandora, and they are most likely the first one the bandits string up. It just felt clumsy rather than funny to me. After playing through Tales of the Borderlands I feel they did a better job of the moral grey area in Borderlands and still intertwine it with humour. I hope a leaf is taken from their books in BL3.

As for parts of the game itself, the weapon menu still glitches out on the pc version and the bug wasn’t even fixed in the Pre-Sequel.

Then there is the feeling that Ultimate Vault Hunter mode seems to narrow the diversity of weapon choice and character builds. I really enjoyed going almost entirely Little Big Trouble tree for Gaige in the first and second run through the campaign, but I felt like I was being forced into the Anarchy tree in higher difficulty and there weren’t enough enemies vulnerable to shock damage to make the boosts to electric damage worthwhile. I actually think Gaige would have fared better in the pre-sequel since there were a lot more shield-heavy foes there.

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When in uvhm lvl 62 killing a main boss down to 1/8 health when a lvl 72 enters the game and scales all enemies to his lvl. I die. He leaves. Now im stuck with high lvl enemies i cant kill. Save/exit.


@Cg3 Level-spiking… :expressionless:

Yeah, I was just finishing Dragon Keep with some strangers, and some dude drops like 30 purple rarity Bees.

[quote=“MeTheAlmighty, post:46, topic:375367”]
Yeah, I was just finishing Dragon Keep with some strangers, and some dude drops like 30 purple rarity Bees.[/quote]It’s one reason I say that I’m quite alright on gear – and I usually am. Dropping me legit stuff is alright, but you start dropping me things like blue-grade Legendary COMs…

And I’m not sure why some folks refuse to take the hint when someone drops a trade the instant a hacked item is put up, or even identified as a problem. Like seriously, square peg in a round hole much?

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