Anoint pool just got worst with the new skill trees

Just looking at the new Iron Bear anoints, it looks like the anoint pool will be on an even worst state. So those paying the new DLC will have worst anoint pool than those who don’t? Sounds unfair.

On the plus side useless guns now can still be useful. So imagine getting a Woodblocker with Iron Cub anoint of extra 100% Railgun dmg. The Woodblocker has finally been useful again at any Mayhem level.

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TBH, if they just made it so that loot only comes with the currently used VH specific anoint and general anoint then it wouldn’t be that bad.


AMEN!!! Say it louder for those in the back!

So is it confirmed that you’ll be able to get anoints that are only usable with the new skill trees even if you didn’t purchase the new DLC?

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That’s not anywhere near convincing me to give gbx any more money, if it turns out to be true.


No confirmation. Those who didn’t purchase the dlc shouldn’t get those, but at the same it shouldn’t penalize those who bought the new dlc. Otherwise it sucks on both parties

We can see new anoints? Where?

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It was from the streamers today. I saw a bunch of new Iron Cub anoints.

Maybe check Twitch or YouTube for replays

We don’t need all of the character specific anoints, we only need AS-active, AS-start, AS-end. And AS-active should constantly check for the action skill.

Then you can have, “While ASA deal +100% cryo damage”, or “While ASA deal +200% splash damage”, etc. That would fix so many “bad drops”.

EDIT, just to be clear, I’m not saying a directly translation, perhaps some numbers need to come down, others need to go up. Elemental damage could be based on “current skill damage”, so instead of +100% cryo it’s “+100% current action skill element damage”.

The whole anoint system is a mess anyway, but with the 4th skill trees, this would be a good time to fix them.


You haven’t seen all of them, GBX is not good at keeping things secret, at all…
There are also a few new ones for current Action Skills.

The ones I’ve seen:

  • 6 new Moze ones, “While in Iron Bear, [certain weapon] deals 100% more damage.”
  • Another Moze, “While Iron Cub is active, deal 100% more damage.”
  • Fl4k, “While Gravity Trap is active, deal 100% more weapon damage.”

Second the thought that it would be good if character specific drops rarely appear while playing other characters.

They could start combining some anointments too.

  • “While SNTL or Gravity Trap are active, deal 100% additional cryo damage.”
  • “During Phaseflare or for a short time after Phaseslam, deal 200% additional melee damage.”
  • Combine autobear and Iron Cub anointments.

So long as the anointment triggers are mutually exclusive, they could keep adding to the anointment pool without diminishing the experience for players.

(Based on the fact that this topic wasn’t closed yet because of leaks)

Well, based on leaks from whatever source and someone called SSpyR in the community on Discord, there’s this list in general:

Phaseslam Damage

Notice all the current Amara skills, FL4K Fade Away, Don’t know about the stats on MNTIS though.

Wow, so quite a few. Hopefully they’re going to get rid of some anointments to simply improve the overall lot without increasing it.

There’s a tonne I never use I’d be happy for them to get rid of:

  • While Phasegrasp is active, 71% decreased weapon charge time and 12% increased fire rate.
  • After using Phaseslam, 20% increased damage reduction and 12% increased movement speed.
  • After issuing Attack Command, gain 30% life steal.
  • After issuing Attack Command, 8% increased movement speed.
  • Grants an extra charge of Rakk Attack.
  • After exiting Iron Bear, next three magazines have 33% increased reload speed and 67% increased handling.
  • While SNTNL is active, 9% increased fire rate and 23% increased reload speed.
  • While Digi-Clone is active, regenerate 3% max health per second.
  • On action skill end, 75% increased weapon status effect chance and damage.
  • On action skill start regenerate one grenade.

And then some that could be good with a nice boost:

  • On action skill end 40% bonus radiation damage. Needs to go up.
  • Any nova anointment (while Phasegrasp is active Amara constantly triggers novas, on Fade Away end trigger non-elemental nova (this is both a weapon and shield anointment), when entering and exiting Iron Bear create a nova that deals damage, while an Action Skill is Active, constantly trigger novas that deal X damage
  • Status effect anointments as status effects are simply quite weak right now (while Barrier is active, status effect chance is increased by 50%, on action skill end 75% increased weapon status effect chance and damage).
  • Some have low level of usefulness and could be improved by being combined into two (e.g. After swapping places with Digi-Clone your weapon is reloaded and while Digi-Clone is active, regenerate 12% of magazine ammo per second, on action skill end regenerate 5% maximum health per second and on action skill end damage taken is reduced by 13%).
  • I love the idea of Killing an enemy grants 5% Weapon Damage and Reload Speed for 25 seconds, this effect stacks but I think it could be boosted to about 10% for each, that way it gets going faster.
  • While an Action Skill is Active, Weapon Damage is increased by 200% is an excellent idea but, as with SNTL cryo, should not switched off by switching weapons during action skills. If you have it on the weapon, it should always work on the weapon.
  • On Shield break, the next shot deals 100% shield capacity as bonus Amp Damage. Effectively worthless occasionally adding ~10-20k to a single shot when we are regularly dealing in the hundreds of millions.

This is what I came here to say. The character specific ones make it kinda messy. And definitely agree on they should constantly check for the action skill being active.

Plus do variants “after phase slam” work with all versions of phase slam? Or only the basic phase slam? They should fix that at least.

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If they are going to keep all these anointments in the game, then we need a way to reroll and/or select different anointments on items.

The “+100% damage while X skill is active” ones are especially tragicomical. OBJECTIVELY inferior to the already existing “+200% damage while ANY action skill is active”. They even gave this thing an early test run with streamers, people who actually play the game. How this stuff still slips through just boggles the mind.

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Some, like the new ones, do work with all Slam variants. But not all of them were updated. The whole anoint system needs to be reworked from the top down.

I would have preferred they were added to the trinkets, or as a separate item that can be “socketed” to gear. What are the chances of getting a specific anoint now, 1 in 60 or so, based on gear?


I like the MNTIS and Phaseflare ones, though I can’t seen why Phaseslam/cast would be preferred over their weapon damage counterparts.
But honestly the problem is not in having a big variety in the anoints (variety is always good) the problem is how the drops work. They should limit each class to their own anoints pool without a chance for other class anoints to drop, only generic + your own class should drop.

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Yep seen at least a hand full of weapons with the mnts anoint despite not owning the new DLC.

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I am not sure why people who don’t have the DLC are even able to get them to drop at all. I hope its a bug because if that’s intentional, then I’m very worried.

It’s also a head-scratcher as to why the new ASA anointments aren’t chunked into one from the get-go. This was a problem they’ve already tried to fix a few months ago and it makes no sense here. It’s just padded grinding.

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