Anointed Alpha, please....come back!

…I just wanted to know if the Linc pistol finally was able to come with an anointment.

Guess that’s enough Farming Frenzy for me.

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Whoah, that dude got some moves…

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Haha it’s super annoying

@Rabid_Explosions literally just posted this:

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I haven’t played in a few days and this was the first thing I wanted to test, and I run into that Moon-Walkin’ Bastard lol.
Very frustrating. All I want is an Anointed Linc Pistol. I bet Gearbox hasn’t fixed it to allow it to come anointed anyways so the bug just saved me time by making me quit the farm early.

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I just asked the same question a few days ago and was told, no, the Linc cannot get an anointment. Actually, if you search up that thread, someone posted a list of all guns that can’t have anointments.

Well, I’m dumb and gave Gearbox too much credit. I thought they’d make sure anointments were working properly for all things during an anointment event. That and this issue has been around since launch. The Moon Walking is new though, at least for me.

I also hate how it only seems to come with the tracker grenade? It would be an awesome gun with darts.

Not to mention the pea shooter-esque damage which is much lower than some purple Atlas pistols

I still like the gun for aesthetics reasons, that and it’s the only legendary Atlas pistol.

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