Anointed And bank storage issues

Kinda feel like anointed items should be keyed into the luck attribute, the higher luck you have the better chance of an anointed item to drop, this would make farming for perfected gear much more enjoyable since there are many different anointments on guns the odds of getting the one your after are very slim. And on another note, bank storages being shared across all characters really drops the amount of legendaries your capable of collecting, wish they would bring back the shared bank from bl2 to be able to move items from one character to the other but also have the regular bank separate from each character for collectors such as myself, especially with the amount of legendaries in this game and the variations of them its very difficult to pick and choose the select few to keep in your bank right now. Also think the legendary customization items should be switches to purples to drop the legendary loot pool, when your farming and you get 3 legendary customizations and 1 actually gear piece its kind of depressing. Anyone feel the same?

Yeah I am maxed out at 50 and that is after I had no choice but to drop all my early leveling gear most of which I really wanted to hang on to if I ever tried another class. I am finding stuff for other classes that I - again - want to hold on to in case I try them out at some point. I would say 50/class would be ideal. I am taking a break from Path of Exile and coming from a loot game like that where I have 5+ years worth of gear to a ‘loot’ game like this I don’t even know which bright mind decided that 50 was the optimal number given the item and class variety in this game.

Yeah exactly, now I don’t know if they’ll ever see this post but I figured if I posted on their actual website forums there might be a better chance because it is quite tedious with 4 different characters and that small of a bank to hold every item in, I’m glad Im not the only one that feels this way and with them being in the patch and hotfix phase right now hopefully something will change.