Anointed are horrendous design

A mob shouldn’t take exploiting the most overpowered legendary guns just to kill it in less than 20+ seconds.

A mob shouldn’t be teleporting around every 3 seconds and covering your screen with splash of visual effects completely blinding your field of view.

A mob should not be immune to cryo.

They may be fine in solo play where you can brute force with OP guns and get reasonable kill times, but in multiplayer with 2+ people and mayhem modifiers with more than 2 anointed out at a time, it’s absolutely absurd how your positioning doesn’t matter because a mob teleports every 3 seconds and nukes you for 2/3 your health every hit and is a bullet sponge that takes three times as long to kill as a boss.


most of them are weak to fire. those who are not are weak to something else. once you figure each one out it’s fairly simple. My cryo zane have a purple homing mirv tediore gun to melt most annoited with relative ease. it’s the modifiers that screw you over more… hell, when i’m on melee amara one hit with the fire DoT relic is usually enough to kill them unless the modifiers are stacked against me.

Yeah, the cryo immunity is crazy, and just like that the devs killed a bunch of potential builds.
Did they said anything about it?


They are awful game design IMHO, all they are is massive bullet sponges that are immune to any sort of damage most of the time and teleport all over the bloody place ever 5 seconds, for me they go down as my most hated enemy in any game I’ve ever played, they actually make me want to stop playing and turn off my ps4


I have a fire trevonator and a hostile bitch. I know they’re “weak” to fire, but in multiplayers with their health pools unless you are lucky enough to have a molten dictator/crossroad/flakker/butcher fire gun, these annointed still take well over 20 seconds to kill.

Most people are looking at youtube videos of solo playthroughs to judge lasting power of mobs, but in multiplayer the anointed last far longer, especially with certain mayhem mods and particularly if you’re Zane.


oh i’m sure they’re a bitch in MP. i only play solo indeed and i don’t really watch much youtube so i’m really just saying what i’m seeing. but yes, they’re are NOT great enemies to fight, i don’t like it when theres not much tactics involved just brute force. but they’ve become less annoying once i paid more attention to what works best VS them, that’s all.

TL:DR they’re annoying to fight

You should probably gear up some more if you’re having trouble with M3 annointed, or just appreciate the challenge. Once you start stacking up the bonuses from mods, artifacts and annointments, the game drastically gets a lot easier.

I remember on having a tough time killing them before, but now with all the stacking +damage +AR dmg, +Vladof dmg, I don’t even spam nades, just a few to top me up, and even a faisor or shredifier can melt them pretty easily, and I always play public online, not even a coordinated team and have seen Zanes doing pretty well taking them down too…

It helps to ‘tag’ targets, though so you and your teammates can focus your shots even if no one is speaking on their mics, because players seem inclined to shoot at something when someone is properly tagging targets.

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Yeah. Farming for the one-punch is hilarious, because I have to kill at least a pair of them every time.

No one told me lol.

Moze is a champ though. So it’s not that bad.

I think Anointed are fine. Overpowered guns? It’s Borderlands - you will always have strong weapons up for the task, so just grab them and use them.

Also mobs being immune to specific elements is fine too, that’s why we have so many options. It’s an inconvenience and a challenge, but not something you can’t overcome really, even with Cryo Zane and such.

For all the supposed power of Anointed, VHs are like shitton’ more powerful. I think it’s cool to have occasional mobs that do not become red mist in half a second and can put a small bump on your road of destruction.

Besides, you want to know what really is annoying? Prismatic Rakks. Now these are genuine bitches because they are like immune to everything and fly around fast on top of that, at least they can’t really kill you solo unless you are trying to die.

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If you are using the OP weapons and still need 20+ seconds to kill an annointed enemy, you are doing something wrong.

Sounds like anointed enemies are doing their job. A mob shouldn’t die when you glance in their general direction.

Most anointed are slow and kinda, I wanna say dopey? They’ll sometimes just walk around doing nothing. This behaviour makes them non-threatening at times.

Why not? It makes anointed more challenging that they can’t just be frozen.

Those things are the worst! Shoot it with fire, changes to fire and lights you up. It’s like a bad “In Soviet Russia” joke.

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I agree with this in principal. I have 3000+ hours in dark souls and the enemies in that are tough but fair. The problem with these anointed guys is that they’re not really the kind of enemy you strategize against.
With the exception of a few counters, like shooting the anointed tink in the head to stop him from firing his gun, most of them just aimlessly wonder around nearly invincible until they start a new attack cycle.

Hell, militants might get some bad rng and just spam the weird fire worship thing for several times in a row.

Once I was playing mayhem 3 solo and had 5 of them spawn on me at once. The entire floor was bursting with fire the entire time.

There’s no counter for that and telling people to just “get good” dishonors games with actual fair mechanics when they introduce difficult enemies.


I don’t know Dark Souls, but for all intensive purposes this is not Dark Souls.

There is an exception to every rule. Anointed militants are the exception to every rule. They can get in the bin.

I hope you’re not insinuating that that is what I implied.

Most of them are fine, it’s really just militants

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I agree that they should be able to take cryo damage and be slowed, but they can’t be frozen. Zealots’ orb shouldn’t last so long. Militants should have a cooldown for immune phases. The rest of them seem fair.

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Anointed Militants need to be nerfed to hell. Having an enemy being imune to one type of damage is fine, but having an enemy that gains immunity to anything during two of their three attacks is absolutely overkill, principally when they keep repeating the same attacks over and over again.


The main thing about anointed that frustrates me is that they are immune to one of the only DECENT builds with the weakest overall character being Zane. It really isn’t fair to him in the slightest sadly. Also militants are just bad gameplay design, sometimes like many have proved their AI just flips out and they get stuck in this never ending loop of immunity that CLEARLY needs addressed. The militants are my main source of grief, and the version that launches the purple orbs (can’t ever remember what they are called lol) the one giant orb that stays around and FOLLOWS YOU FOREVER until you die! lol those can be a bit annoying but handleable with the better characters aka anyone but Zane lol


Slow? They teleport around you every 3 seconds and halfway across the map, how are they slow?

I don’t think people play Zane in multiplayer frequently enough without molten dictator/lyuda/flakker to understand how helpless and heavy yuo feel to your group because you contribute so little with a cryo build (virtually the only viable build on Zane).

I don’t want annointed frozen solid, but turning them immune to cryo DAMAGE and the ability to proc the defining feature of Zane’s build feels like total ass.

And to be told they are fine because you got lucky with a good fire weapon while I’ve farmed Gravewarden and cleared the entire campaign in TVHM+M3 without a single molten dictator, fire lyuda, high ilv flakker, or crossroad/high hostile bitch drop because you didn’t come during the first two weeks where legendaries were dropping like candy just isn’t really convincing.


With Brain Freeze you can proc Cool, Calm, and Collected on everything in the game, including bosses and anointed. I agree that total immune to cryo damage is unnecessary, but it does not preclude an infinite action skill build. Swap to a multi-pellet or high rate of fire weapon, like a fire crossroads, and you will proc CCC quickly anyway

In the Circle of Slaughter or the Proving Grounds with 4 players on tvhm mayhem 3 they’re a huge PITA. They have no weaknesses to exploit. They take every two Siren constantly phaselocking them and everyone unloading on them at the same time. At least one player needs a Flakker. Seems to be the best weapon on them. Still takes 150 shots from my Flakker even if everyone else is nailing them.