Anointed army is OP

When going to fight Volt, I had 6 anointed spawn on me. This is ridiculous. Then, when I was fighting them, their bodies disappeared after running a mere 1-2 “city block”. What the hell! Hardened enemies need a rebalance for solo play. Everything needs a rebalance for solo. I had a regular maniac hit me with his ax for 6k damage! This is almost unplayable for solo…

You just gotta get better shields and weapons, and hit those head shots!

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Those ax guys do hit super hard. Higher levels they take my shield and a chunk of my health. Im moze with almost 15k shields. Getting a better sheild dont do much. Best thing is to spot them and take them out first. Watch mini map to, they tend to flank you. Ive went down a few times not paying attention. Thankfully they stay on top of you swinging the ax, easy second wind.