Anointed Beastmaster

I was wondering, i finally saw my first Anointed Beastmaster gun to buy that uses gamma burst, i mean, lv45 and finally one appears. i would like to know that the ability with it, is it only applicable while that gun is out? or if its equipped? the one i saw boosts radiation damage, but has no radiation on the gun itself.

I think I read that annointed buffs are always active as long as the weapon is equipped to one of your 4 weapon slots, but I can’t quite remember where I read it, unfortunately. I’ll try to see if I can dig up a source for you.

Of course, testing should be pretty easy, you just have to do some rad damage with the gun equipped, while unequipped, and then compare.

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thanks for the reply, it seems so.
so then do you know how one acquires negative guardian points? i had -10??

hi i test it i have too weapon with this bonus +65 % to all radiation dmg during gamma burst but weapon havent radiation dmg.
i test use gamma with weapon in my hand and look on dmg what create my pet with aura and my grenade with radiation i use gamma without this weapon in my hand but equiped. and last use gamma without equpid this weapon i test it 2 hours and see in all time same dmg nothing change with or on hand or without still same dmg its must be bugged

From testing, what this does is make just the gun that has this do bonus radiation damage, even a Jacobs with no element. To test this spawn a car and shoot it with gamma burst active. You’ll see two damage numbers.

ok then anointed bonuses is only for weapons what have this bonus.gamma added to weapons +65% radiation dmg from main weapons dmg .speed projectile same and other. and u must hold this weapons on hand and active. others anointed bonuses from shield ,artifact,mods grenade is for player.I loot normal epic anointed sniper with gamma bonus weapon have 4000 dmg without any element i active gamma burst and shot to car i hit car per 2530 dmg + 1644 radiation dmg .its bad i think this bonus takemy pet too but i see no change with him.

Ya initially thought it increased all radiation by 65% and paired it with his aura, but it’s just a weapon buff. It’s not gonna make your pets do more damage, just that gun. It’s still pretty cool though.

Playing offline gives you ridiculous amounts of additional XP. Once you go back online the game readjusts and you end up with negative guardian rank. No worries though all your bought stats and perks still apply.

interesting, as i got one that increases fade away stability accuracy IN fade away, but it seems that i must be using THAT gun to have that anointed boost