Anointed drop rate was nerfed, main subject of the thread is "miscommunication"

I started looking and gather some info I found messages on reddit and on web etc that ppl experience the same issue.

Personally I experienced a big decrease in anoint drop rate, you might think what is the problem anoint drop rate pre nerf was really big had to be nerfed, game was too easy right ? Well problem is GearBox didnt announce us about this change, uhmm we know whats going to release in 6 hours so I guess they didnt want ppl to run over some better options in pleasing theyr video game addiction uhmm, returning to matter on hands this for me personally was straw that broke the camel’s back, for me a loyal player to this game that spend 5+ hours daily enjoying the game I feel betrayed and lied, I know deep in my lizard brain the drop was nerfed but I thought it was just me placebo and RNG, way to many players are sharing this matter and frustration.

Please keep this thread clean and avoid subjects like drop rate is much better than vanilla rates ETC, this is about GearBox ninja nerf without announcing us, if they were announcing us I would have been ok with that, but they made the worst decision ever, acting like borderlands 3 is a live service pvp game, where fun is number 2 and balance is number 1. This is not the Borderlands I want, but some day I will return to see if this is the game I want play on a daily basis, because I love this franchise too much.

Extra stuff, jorraptor talks

GearBox tweet when they announced anointed drop rate will not change

Hotfix 10/31/2019 More lies


We hope you all enjoyed the Mayhem on Twitch Anniversary event! After listening to community feedback during the event, we are making two changes to Mayhem Mode:

  • The chance of receiving a weapon penalty as a Mayhem modifier will continue to be reduced at the same rate as the Mayhem on Twitch Week.
  • The drop rate for Anointed gear has been increased. <---------------------- Yea…

Link Borderlands 3 Hotfix [10/31/2019]

I will not post reddit links that shows data mining because thread might get closed, but solid proof can be found if you search for it.


i was reading about anointed militants then it changed to anointed drop rates. i feeel…

Ooo… I got mentioned in the video, haha. My username usually confuses people though, cause it’s meant to be Greyhame, but it’s alright. Just hope we raise more awareness and Gearbox listens!


It’s crazy how they put a percentage increase attached to mayhem so the devs from anthem can have a tutorial on how drop rates are supposed to actually work and get replaced cuz the stats sucked and how ppl are supposed to get really excited and cheer in the game they bought and the devs bled for which BioWare never hasn’t heard or had in years well they probably heard it recently when all the leads made it outta the parking lot cheering their freedom from the 2019 dumpster fire of BioWare’s we hate our customers and give two turtle shintz how they feel or have to say! BL3 was awesome at first then was plagued with a story that would have been better if it woulda just been a feces covered piece of toilet paper! They added 3 new main bosses well two which are brother and sister and the third or the one I would love to replace with that rat lizard claptrap had named Kevin would made his home in sanctuary running and biting people the slowly changing to another cutscene of the trash kid maya was babysitting frozen to death in a awkward pose floating through space cuz that’s honestly the worst and I believe most hated character ever in the Borderlands series. Oh btw fix the driving, mayhem modifiers just bring back the raid and the OPor instead of OP just increase the level to whatever the actually level is that’s a good idea lol



Just want you to know this is near impossible to read with the lack of punctuation and complete disregard for formatting.

Organizing your thoughts into sentences and paragraphs really helps the reader follow your train of thought a lot easier. Also I find it very strange you did randomly put 1 exclamation mark and 1 comma throughout that whole write-up. <3


Damn forgot to get to my point lol but they add a percentage number and then… all of a sudden it’s dropping at the right drop rate but they say it was to high and lower it only to completely and utterly drop the first of many and I’m sure more to come A-Bombs. Not to mention the random modifier that was static unless you relogged that is now random every time you change from one map to the next and that was the second strike for me but when and then the complete and utter extinction of one faction of the tinks who lived to carry a duffle bag with awesome items he found. The only way I’ve heard to see these unicorn of borderlands mysterious tinks is play mayhem 3 and pay RNGesus with all the souls that you could possibly send to his afterlife and find a note from him expressing his joy in your door to door preaching of his word but at the bottom his p.s. states that your savior RNGesus is in another afterlife and you should keep trying! Then signed at the bottom sincerely your savior and lord, F.U.

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Lol I do t care I’m not in school or am I really interested in you and your English class thanks tho

@thiggy92000. Take a deep breath buddy. Maybe two. I’ll summarise , gearbox are trigger-happy with the nerf shrediffier and RNG sucks! :smiley:

Yeah well I guess I’m not interested in what you have to say then.

I wasn’t trying to school you or criticize you. I’m just letting you know that I tried repeatedly to read that mess and I literally could not follow what you were saying.

So be hard-headed and defensive at your own loss, that’s on you. A few simple line breaks makes things so much easier on the eyes and the brain. Maybe try a little consideration for other people if you want them to consider your opinion.


Lol it’s 3 am m tired and needed to rant sorry

It’s all good my man. Just really wanted to hear what you had to say as I like to hear everyone’s opinions. A good rule of thumb is when you move from one thought to another just hit enter.

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It’s just the game was fun but not BL2 fun. I felt like I was at work and dreading actually doing the TVHM Playthrough. Seems like all the games nowadays enjoy given you an awesome FU for the purchase of their game

Incorrect. A handful of players talked about this the other day.

Do you have the reddit threads and other sources?

The main problem here is the inclusion of the Bloody Harvest event. We don’t know how it impacts on Anointed drops. It could be when it ends, and the Ghosts disappear, that we see a better distribution of Anointed weapons. Or the Ghosts could not count towards world drops, and the rates really are lower than they were. It’s really difficult to tell.

Greyham3 and Mayhem 3, a bit rhyming aren’t they?
That was what I thought when I replied to you…

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That’s why we want an official explanation from Gearbox. So based off your own experiences so far, do you feel that the anointed droprates are still the same as during the Week 4 event? I would like to see others who are of the opinion that there is nothing wrong with the droprates.

haha, technically it’s Greyhame, so should not rhyme at all. I changed all the “e” to “3”, back when I was full of youthful ignorance. I think it could also be that the nickname “Greyhame” was taken back in those MIRC days, so I had to adapt.


Fundamentally I don’t like this “limited time event” concept at all. It feels like being spoon fed or manipulated as a player. If I play a lot during the event period, I get 10x the usual drop. Thus is the incentive for me to play. This mechanism is not enjoyable.
The good dev team focuses on the quality, depth and art style which will last much longer than a few pieces of gears.

Miscommunication. :joy:

Nothing wrong with wanting an answer at all. There have been other threads? At least one thread anyway, on this. I’m just correcting people who are trying to amp this up along some kinds of personal lines, using language like “betrayed” and all that.

It’s difficult for me to tell, because not only did the 31st have a dramatic increased in Anointed drops, but I’ve also been farming Ghosts pretty much exclusively. People aren’t sure if Ghosts are affected by drop rates or not (this was in the other thread), which makes analysing this very difficult.

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