Anointed drop rate was nerfed, main subject of the thread is "miscommunication"

Am pretty sure they are. You can easily tell by farming in a spot with no ghosts, like Graveward, or doing say, a run-through in Athenas without killing any ghosts compared to when all ghosts are killed. I am quite sure just 1 set of those Athenas runs will be able to confirm that most of the anointed drops now are from ghosts, which seem to have kept the Mayhem on Twitch drop rates.

And when you say dramatic increase, does this mean in relation to the Mayhem on Twitch event before that from 22 to 31 Oct?

Specifically with regards to the 31st, I can’t remember if it was a Tweet or what. There was an increase specifically for the night of Halloween (regardless of any other rates last week, vs. any rates now).

The increase for Halloween was for more haunted enemies and thus ghosts, which meant more “anointed drops” since ghosts still carried the Week 4 buffed drop rates. The anointed drops for all the other sources were clearly much lower after the 31st hotfix. I am yet to see anyone tell me that they had the same rate of anointed drops from non-ghost sources after the 31st hotfix.

I didnt see any nerf to anointed Items, I still get a bunch everytime, like the event week.

Again, where do you get them from? Drops from ghosts? And define a bunch - is it 20% of the drops? 30%? Because it used to be around 80% before the 31st hotfix.

from everything, i’d say its 60-80% depending on how RNGesus feel.

No, what I meant was you should NOT INCLUDE the drops from ghosts. Try killing Graveward a few times and tell me how many anointed items drop. I have done so a couple of hundred times since the 31st hotfix and I can say it is consistently about 20% or so of the items being anointed. If I am in Heck or killing mobs in Athenas or SS, then sure, 60% to 80% is about right since I take out the ghosts as well.

i did graveward and gigamind and everythinge else. I’m not gonna agree with you just cause you want to, I already told you I dont see any change.

Wait, so you are saying that you get 60 to 80% of your drops being anointed when you kill Graveward? You are the first person to tell me that.

I would love to post a few screenshots of how my typical Graveward drop looks like now, but not sure what is the best way to go about doing so

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Graweword drops way less anointed items, I notice that for sure.
Been farming him like crazy last couple days for white elephant artifact.

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Yes, grave seems to drop 20% annointed. That’s any rarity, white to orange.

Not sure if I can post this here, but these are my last 5 Graveward drops. Bar the one outlier where 5 anointed drops, the rest of the drops were mainly 2-3, even 0 anoined drops too in Run 5. Should even out to about 20% if increase the sample size.

I am running on TVHM Mayhem 3, with 14.83% luck from Guardian Ranks.

I have a hypothesis: annointed drop rates were lowered because the imminent addition of M4. If they boosted drop rates beyond Mayhem week’s, it would be ridiculous. I think that’s something they realized, but they can’t backtrack that statement because it’d create more controversy.

They could easily make it so that the anointed rates for Mayhem 3 and 4 are the same, while introducing the “Mayhem 4” only items that they talked about.

That’s what they initially planned on, but maybe they saw threads about M4 exclusives and adjusted because of those reactions? Nonetheless, this silence is frustrating. I do think that drop rates will be better when the raid boss is released. Unsure about non-raid boss drop rates though.

Here are some threads since someone asked. There have been at least 4 others on here as well.


I actually farm Gigamind on my Zane cause the drone won’t attack graveward… That being said the drops I get now vs the event seem fairly balanced.

I do have runs where I get no anointed items, and I have had runs where every item was anointed (outside of chests). I can’t say that I’ve done this enough to give you reliable statistics, but the days I did spend time farming it I never felt lied to.

And there are no ghosts between Gigamind and his adds so it’s not a factor there if you want to do more thorough testing.

Edit - I only farm on TVHM mayhem 2 (cause world pool still so why stress out) and my guardian rank luck is about 12 percent with no other luck sources.

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I appreciate this thread. Honestly I’m okay with the drops rates. What I don’t like is feeling lied to repeatedly. This is not the first miscommunication and tone-deaf silence, and it seems like they’re just going to keep doing this.

They are treating their players like mushrooms - keep us in the dark and feed us ■■■■■■■■. It’s extremely tiring and no matter how much I enjoy the game, it makes me highly distrustful of the developers and the future of the game.


This is another time where Gearbox being silent is far worse than whatever fallout there would be for just coming out and saying facts at the onset.

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Hmm I’ll have to test this but I didn’t notice any big change in drops when I did a couple boss runs over the weekend.

But I will also point out, they never said where or what accounts for the drop rate. Ghosts clearly drop a lot of anointed. Was there anything in the “increased drop rates” that said all sources?. I doubt they were even specific at the level of loot that would be dropped as anointed.

At the rate people farm Graveward, I would expect them to be slowing killing his drop rate for everything. Maybe for April fools they can turn his drop pool into just “it’s poop” skin to really poke at people.

Not to say any of this is right or a good thing, and RNG is always going to F with what people think is happening.

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