Anointed drop rates reduced on xbox

It was said the Anointed drop rates increase would continue. They have not since the patch yesterday. There is no longer an increase in the regular game. Only ghosts seem to have an increased anointed chance. I am playing online and with the latest hotfix. Out of 30 legendaries that have dropped none have been anointed. Any given graveward kill nets 1-2 blue or purple anointed versus the 5-6 before the patch.


Um… and you want technical support for this? Yesterday supposedly saw more drops. Today it might have reverted to last week when BH just started.

Yes it appears to be a bug. I’m not the only one reporting this. I’m also not referring to yesterday. They said they would be keeping the anointed drop rates. Instead the drops have been reverted to pre-event. It’s a bug, which needs technical support.

I am having the same issue in XBOX. Sucks. Hope they fix soon

Similar issue here. Following the Hotfix, anointment droprates have been severely reduced. I went from Graveward runs with at worst one anointed legendary and several purple/blue anointeds to multiple consecutive runs without a single anointed, maybe just a couple of blues. Can confirm that ghosts appear to be unaffected.

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I am having the same issue here on Xbox! Definitely disappointed.

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SS and heck hole are really the only viable farms now for anointed items given the number of ghosts in each. This drop will be painfully obvious come 12/5 when the event ends.

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