Anointed enemies should be mayhem 2+ only

Having 1-2 anointed enemies appear and kill me in 2 seconds is ridiculous. No chance to run, no chance at 2nd wind. I’m lvl 47 with lvl 46-47 purple/orange gear playing mayhem 1. I’m done with game if they don’t change this. Turning off mayhem lowers gear/enemies too much so there’s no solution. I’ve spent 400+ hrs playing all the borderlands games and I’ve never been this unhappy.

They should definitely scale them down at lower levels, but anointeds have storyline significance.

They could always just make it so Billy/Alpha Anointed/ones before Troy are the only ones that spawn in normal playthroughs and then the rate gets higher the deeper into mayhem you go.

Toning them down would be fine. So frustrating to die 10+ times on one map with mayhem 1, when I died 10 times playing entire game.