Anointed enemy needs nerf

I’m start losing the fun of playing in endgame modes these enemy needs to fix quicly


Do you mean the Anoited Boss in the Jacobs Villa? I pulled him the the room before the theater to kill him solo. In that space he has not so much space to jump around.

Yes and no. This game overall is ridiculously easy and barely poses any challenge. To the point of being boring already. However, I do find it quite irritating when anointed enemies become immune for 15 seconds at a time. That’s just incredibly frustrating.

So if anything, change their immunity timers, but we need anointed enemies since they’re almost the only thing posing something resemblent of a challenge in the game. And they’re not challenging when they come alone, just annoying to wait out immunity timers.

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yes the boss and theres random anointed enemy to defeat all of thim are to hard

yes know but they really needs some updates the way you can defeat thim is y standing far away and take 5-10 we need hard but it the same time with the fun and these enemy can’t enjoy fight with him

Oh, yes these mobs are somethimes annoying (solo) like their names said.
I use the legendary Double-Penetrating Shredded Laser Pointer (Assault Rifle) for them.

Shoot to their heads will bring them down. Kill other enemys before him. That has the advantage that your kill-skills are up and you have have only him. Use line of sight, when he does his fire aura. It takes a bit but then you kill him easy.


Really? I’ve found this game WAY harder than BL2. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve died. Taking on 15+ enemies at a time, facing as many as 3 guys with shields AND 3 badass enemies at the same time, dealing with people who fire unlimited rockets, and tinks who spam turrets?

Dude, I’m getting my ass kicked constantly in this game.


Die like a man bro!!

I would say it is challenging. I like it to die. It is saying me I did somethring wrong. It will help you to become better. At the moment I have only one character (Zane), which is 50 right now and startet to collect legendaries, which I need for my build. I died a lot as I started with Mayhem mode 1 and still do. But now I found a legendary shield, which spawns 4 electro mines arround me when I was hitted. And the best is my digiclone will do it, too. Great!!! Place the digiclone in the middle of action and me and then fire. It has helped me a lot to burn down the mass of mobs. Fun!

Personally, I feel like all these Annointed enemies should have a high drop chance for annointed loot (epic and legendary). Especially on all mayhem modes. They are a pain in the a$$ sometimes and when they spawn in hordes… ridiculous. I think it would be a great way for people to farm for their favorite Loot in their preferred annointment. Just a thought.

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I faced off against one annointed: he dropped cash, a couple worthless whites, a couple worthless greens, and a worthless blue, all lower level and lower power than anything I’m carrying now.

Honestly, though, loot sucks. I barely find anything worth keeping.

Eh annointeds are super easy with sirens (except daddy goliath annointed, since you can’t grasp them, it’s just a game of keep away and jump like mario when they clap their hands).

They just need to let them be freezable with cryo damage (instead of 100% immune to cryo damage period, which makes zane vs them a PAIN IN THE ASS). That will solve most of the problems vs them (2 chars can nullify them, and you can slow em down yourself with good timing/aim).

Till you get the unlucky -50% cryo damage on M3.

I found anointed enemies to not be difficult at all. However there are a few things to note about them.

The anointed Fanatic can be annoying in some areas because of that homing energy ball that seems like will always 1 shot you if you get caught by it

The anointed Militant seems buggy. There are times I hit his shield and he takes damage and other times he doesn’t have his shield up and he doesn’t take damage.

Anointed Psycho feels like free exp and loot because of the weird way he seems to start moving in slow motion when doing leaping attacks.

Sometimes they seem to get excessively teleport happy and warp all over the place non stop for minutes on end.

I love a challenge and enjoy enemies with unique mechanics but these foes on Mayhem 2/3 are just not fun to fight against. I’d rather go against a boss that one of these things. Who designed them? Why does a normal non boss mob get immunity to all damage while they have an auto targetting AOE fire attack that tracks you everywhere you go.

I have nothing but legendary weapons and a build that does very well against Badasses and bosses but Cryo is useless (so great being a Zayne player whose only elemental expertise focus is cryo) and if you are alone good luck killing one of these things even if it’s alone. It can be done if you run away and snipe it but that is just not fun.

Borderlands is about fun, and this is just dumb.

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They’re not that bad. They cycle immunity as far as I can tell, so just alternate your elements.

i will say that militants being immune for most of their uptime is kind of annoying. if they arent shielding they are nova-ing.


The annointed Boss in the Jacobs manner is fine. He is huge, isn’t immune to most damage types and has attacks that can be easily avoided. I’d rather fight him than one of those ultra immune fire AOE ones that pop up everywhere.

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