Anointed foes warping?

It seems these enemies like to warp around, and have a tendency to get stuck beneath the floor. Is there a way around this other than just killing them quickly?

Not sure if it is exactly what you want, but I usually try to throw an elemental sticky grenade (but not cryo) on them before they teleport. That way I can just follow the DOT damage to find them.

yeah i personally would love to see annoited enemies get some cooldown on their abilites. it’s as if their actions are randomly rolled each time and could end up with teleport spam or chaining immunity phases 3+ times in a row. doesn’t happen too often, but it’s annoying when it does especially the teleport thing.

I agree, some definite attention needs paid to their pathing in game. I have had to quit far too many rounds of Slaughter Shaft due to them getting stuck in the tire of the dunp truck or being in a telepprt animation stuck inside a wall. They already are a massive pain in the rear when all you can see is a blinding wall of purple deaths orbs being spammed by 7 different anointed. Causing me to fail my progress in the game mode through no fault of my own is a step too far.