Anointed for trade

Lucians call -slam 200%
Lab - ase 25% crit
Devils foursum - ase next two mags incinerary
Maggie- beastmaater life steal
Devastater - cast + 50% status effect
Night hawkin - cryo siren
Vanquisher - siren
Jackhammer- gunner does not consume ammo for 5 secs
Hyperfocus - ase 100% damage
Koos- ase 75% effect and damage
Koos _ cryo gunner
Damned - gunner anointed
Alchemist - ase 100% damage
Lynda- gunner does not consume ammo for 5 secs
Lyuda- gunner adds incindiary
Death of dying- ase 25% crit
Shredifier- ase 125% towards badass
Shock b*tch - siren improved handling
Jackhammer - ase adds incindiary damage
Kill o wisp- ase adds corrisive damage
Helix - ase adds shock damage
Ten gallon - siren adds 200% melee
Ten gallon - ase 125% splash damage
Flood - ase adds fire rate and reload

What’re you looking for?

Anointed kings and queens calls recurring hex mods

NOT much I need lol