Anointed gear for trade, with pics

Currently only looking for Anointed gear for Zane cryo or Amara (got a melee build and elemental build). Also any Amara class mod with 4+ tempest

Ive got a Fire Crossroad (Phaseslam) and some class mods if youre interested. I NEED that Bangarang and Lyuda

only looking for guns like face-puncher with phaseslam melee damage, or cutsman with phasegrasp for Amara. what mods you got going?

I have all the Siren mods. Gotta check the stats

Interested in cryo Bitch

Takayanagi86 add me, ill have the non element shredifier

I have quite a few anointed operative weapons. I will give all of them for that anointed crossroad and anointed pestilent lyuda. I am at work right now but I’ll home after 3 pm central time. My psn is Dmntdmstrmnd. Add me if your willing to trade.

sounds good

I am interested in your Brainstormer. are you interested in either of these?

  • Hyperfocus (anointed +300% weapon damage after phaseslam)
  • Roid Ward (anointed, +200 melee damage after phaseslam)
  • The Companion (anointed, +250% damage after using phasecast)
  • Arctic Nighthawkin (cryo, anointed, +300% damage after phaseslam)

the ward sounds good to me

Sounds good! What is your Epic name?

Takayanagi86 Just waiting on you

I sent you a request.