Anointed gear NEW SYSTEM suggestion

Ava consumes a piece of gear with an anointed prefix. She then is able to apply that effect to a new piece of gear of our choice!

(This makes sense considering Troy could anoint people, Ava has figure out how to consume anointed gear and apply it effectively to new equipment!)

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A bit to easy to acquire perfect gear that way imo.


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Maybe an anointed reroll (with targeted stats or something) at the cost of Eridium? That would make people have to get out in the world to do things like find Eridium.


I was never one for any kind of crafting in borderlands but I could get behind that if Gearbox decide to leave world drop for every bosses and not assign any dedicated loot pools. The chance of getting the right legendary with the right parts, right elements and right anointment is kinda like wining the lotery in real life.

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Agreed. That’s why any type of reroll for anointed could be nice. At least you’re doing work toward something rather than endlessly killing badasses and vending weirdly anointed good guns.

I’m looking at you Gunner “magazine regenerates ammo while inside ironbear”…

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I’m not opposed to this if the reroll cost lots of eridium. But the affect should be random, not of our choice. Getting the perfect roll would be far too easy otherwise.


It’s a fun idea to play around with, but I feel like it would place even more strain on the inventory as people would want to keep guns that “if this were just annointed it would be good” instead of vendoring, that and keeping junk guns with that are annointed to stockpile as the currency to try and get the annointment on that good gun.

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Didn’t the tps grinder do something like this? Maybe something similar with anointed stats

Yes, but not Ava, that b. ain’t touching none of my precious gear.

This is only true because GB messed up bad on the inventory mgmt in this game. There need to be a lot more slots (at least bank if not on-character inventory). They should also have added a way to see our inventory as a list other than just large icons. It would be a lot easier to manage that way.

It would have to be a gun that is already anointed tho

That’s 100% true, but you and I both know that the only change to the inventory system we will see is 1 or 2 more SDU upgrades that come with a dlc…

I would only be up for this if you could only reroll a piece of gear once. Or you can only add a random anointed bonus to a piece of gear that has never had an anointment.

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I don’t think so. Some of the anointed perks are extremely rare to begin with. It like they have a much lower chance to role than anything else.

For example how often do you see an Anointed Gunner - After Exiting IB 120% Splash Damage for 18 seconds perk?

Now how often do you see that on a Flakker?

Keep in mind there’s 2 Splash damage perks. 1 is general for 125% but it only last 5 seconds. The Gunner perk is significantly stronger and rarely pops up on guns with splash damage.

The same for Anointed Beastmaster Bonus Radiation Damage or Anointed Gunner Increased Shields/Health.

I farmed over 500 Mendel’s Multivitamin’s at most 15 of them were anointed. Every one that had Anointed Gunner was with the Nova Perk.

Now imagine that every piece of annointed gear you see means that you have that effect on a weapon of your choice. It would too easy to acquire bis items.

There have to be limitations - like rerolling is either completely random or with a random annointed effect, possibly for eridium so eridium has some use. Choosing which annointed effect you want on a weapon of your choice is way too good.

I would like to see something cool done during Eridium week. Even a chance at an anointed legendary at Earl’s. Make it expensive. At least a shot at a legendary.

This. It could be the same as Diablo 3 rerolling stats. Each reroll would increase the cost.

She would ruin one of your guns and blame Lilith for it.