Anointed Gear not as fun as I imagined. Especially with Moze

I would like to start by saying Borderlands 3 is a fantastic game that is full of potential for new and exciting improvements.

One area that could benefit from improvements pertains to the Anointed Gear.

Playing as Moze, having Anointed gear proc from Iron Bear is not very fun.
It can be a long cool down and rightfully so there is a delay when entering and exiting Iron bear.
The delay breaks the flow of combat. The gameplay is at its best when it is fast and responsive.

Anointed gear has great potential to combine with the existing skill trees to create all new builds that are fast, powerful and fun to play. (I.E. how legendaries/set items work in diablo 3)
I just don’t see this right now in borderlands 3.


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yeah, as someone who mostly play moze, i find annoited gear completely unimportant. due to the fact that iron bear pretty much sucks it’s just annoying to try to take advantage of any annoitment perk, it just doesn’t seem worth it.

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I have an annointed butcher that does 50% extra shock damage for two magazines after action skill ends. I combine this with the infinite ammo + crazy regen skills Moze has to pump out some extra damage. It’s not game breaking but it’s cool

The only annointment I use is the one on my transformer, 13% damage reduction on leaving iron bear. And I only use it because it randomly came with my best shield.

Spoiler alert.

Call Iron Bear.
Get in, Get Out

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Takes 3 seconds to get in…takes 5 seconds to get out…pretty useful when you want the annointed buffs in the middle of a battle

yes i know, and sometimes i do if i need some extra firepower (i’ve got a flakker with 120% more splash damage on exit). it just annoys me greatly that the only reason i use it is to get in and out when i would rather use it as a proper thing. even when i took pretty much every perk that is boosting iron bear in some capacity, he just dies in m3 faster than, i don’t, know… everything.

yeah i use auto bear(so when i get in/out, i expect it to be…useful?) but the bear dies like before he can even let off a volley of missiles…