Anointed Gear Trading Post

Posting all my Anointed Gear for trade in search for the items I need to complete my build. I am looking for the following items:

-Brainstormer (Redundant preferred), Anointed with “On ASE Next 2 magazines deal 50% Incendiary damage” (high priority)

-MIRV Tacular Hex Grenade (Must be Cryo element)

Now for what I have to trade. Pictured below are all the anointed items I have for trade, let me know what you are interested in if you have any of my needs!

Anything else your looking for? I really like that Transformer with nova blasts.

That one is off my current build, so I’m really just looking for the specific Transformer shield I’m after in the post to swap mine for. If I come across another I’ll let you know.

I will trade you my Transformer with On ASE Action Skill Cooldown rate is increased by 20% for the stop gap with 50% corrosive.

It’s a deal, I’ll send you the Stop Gap in a bit. Thanks! :+1:t2:

Gamer tag is Wrestlefan85.

thank you:grinning:

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Conductive Plate Stop Gap anointed shield has been traded. Everything else still available!

Still looking for the Brainstormer and MIRV Tacular Hex cryo (high priority)

Other gear:

Red Suit shield
Shrieking Devil shotgun

I have a brainstormer that give +75% weapon status and effect, which is pretty good when it chains. I also can trade a transformer with ASE cyro, shock or radiation. I would like the health rerouter with damage reduction or the Rowan’s call shock with ASE cryo. GT Chase D Gamer08
Let me know. thanks

I should have a Cryo mirvtacular hex, lemme check tho. GT is IXI Shyn3 IXI

@Zer0Dark30 Did you find the Hex?? What would you like for it if you have it?

I’ve got a few Nimbus mods laying about, nothing spectacular but I can send you one if you’re just looking to mess with it.

@Ross357 I got one already earlier just fixing to update the post in a bit. Got some new items incoming from today’s farming

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