Anointed Grenades

Is it possible to obtain Anointed Legendary Grenade mods? If so, how rare are they? Any farming locations?

I’ve only have found 2 Epic Anointed Grenade Mods in all my weeks playing. Wondering if Legendary Grenade Mods can be anointed (without cheats)

I think no

the rarest ones i got so far in like 150 hours of playing are:

Yeah, I’ve found a few rare 'nades but nothing Anointed past Epic.

I currently have a Recuring Hex [Cryo, Annointed: Regen 1 grenade on attack skill start]
Not home or I’d have a pic.

I found an annoited Surge, also with regen. Will post the Screenshot later

In a word Yes :smiley:
I believe the only pieces of gear that can not be anointed are Class Mods and Relics. I would guess this is a balancing choice with how much extra power a player already gets from a legendary relic or COM they would just be absurdly strong If they also let you get them anointed.

I have a green Homing split grenade which pretty average stats but its anointed effect is 200% gun damage for a few seconds after action skill end. I used a Rakk attack build on FL4K that makes this grenade a huge part of my gear comp as I don’t need to be holding a specific gun when I use Rakk Attack