"Anointed Gunner": generic anointment

So I see this tag on certain anointments and I’m wondering if this effect works on other VHs? The effect has nothing to do with Moze or IB so it makes me wonder if it would work on Amara for example? I think I have seen similar generic anointments that say “Anointed Siren” but can’t recall now. Has anyone tested this on other classes?

It works on everyone. Nobody knows why the card says that, but you can use it on FL4K and Amara rather well.


I have seen that anoint as a generic that doesnt say gunner as well as the way it is posted. Perhaps it was meant to be a generic and the gunner tag is just an oversight add on.

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Does anyone know exactly what the Phrase means, i.e. “Elemental critical hits can cause…”? Is it something like, you shoot a character already affected by flame and ‘boom’…a nova?

I assumed it meant when you apply an elemental effect on an enemy and it’s ticking damage…and any tick of damage that crits.

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Thanks. Still not clear for me. ticking damage…? any tick of damage that crits?

I THINK I know what you mean . :sunglasses:

A gun that has an elemental modifier to it does elemental damage and usually has a chance to put a dot (damage over time) I.E. the 12% status effect on the mob of that element. So a Lob that is showing corrosive will do corrosive or elemental damage. If you get a crit with that weapon then you can get the nova.

If there is no elemental modifier on it then it does normal damage and would not be able to get those novas.

Unless of course you are using something like an ASE 50% of xxxx damage modifier on your shield or grenade or something then that portion of the damage could cause the nova for that much damage times 5. But the regular damage would NOT proc it.

So if you run a 5 element Amara you would have 5 chances to proc a nova for each critical hit.

Now, I could be wrong here as the wording says it can cause the status effects to do a nova. So it MIGHT mean only if you put a dot and only that dot will proc the nova.

Hope that clears it up for you.


Well I’m on old MMO player. If you played games like WoW you will know what a DOT is. DOT means damage over time. So you basically have two forms of damage. Instant damage that just hits and does one instance of damage and then DOTs that deal smaller amounts of damage but over time.

In this instance I think it applies only to the DOT portion of damage. When you look at an elemental gun card you have two damage numbers. The “damage” is the instant damage that is applied on hit and then the elemental damage you see always says XXX DMG /S 55% chance (or whatever) which means there is a 55% chance to apply a DOT that deals XXX DMG per second for some duration. If that DOT gets applied…any of those tics of damage per second could potentially crit and I assume this anointment would then proc a nova at that time.


OK, i was a little unclear myself so I did a quick test. Put 4 different elemental status effects on a mob and let them run out. Not a single crit from the status effect. Did this 3 times. No crits.

Shot the mob, critted for 208k and the mob next to it took 1 million of the same element.

So it is only on the hit and the initial damage that these novas happen and they happen for whatever damage and whatever elements you are doing damage with.

Fairly small radius nova but in crowded conditions it could be of some nice use.

I would love to see that anoint on a reflux or a recursion with either flak or amara. Guess it is back to farming.

(Wish they would give us a list as to what anoints are available on what legendaries)


This anointment can show up on any weapon which can be elemental. Unfortunately this also means that it can show up on the weapon if it can also be kinetic (non-elemental).

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Here’s some examples of it at work:

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ASE elements can’t act as Detonators. They can’t only prime the target. Infusion seems to work for that, but most others don’t.

The short form is. You prime a target with a status effect. Let’s say a burn. Three ticks of that equals the damage per second. So, for ease. Let’s say the burn is doing 100 per tick. So. That’s 300 per second.

You crit them with a fire weapon (Detonator has to match the primer) and they get hit by a nova that does 1500 damage (5 x 300).

The play is to find a way to Prime a massive dot, then detonate with more precise weapons.

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Wow! Thanks everyone. Glad I’ve been saving guns with this anointment that I did not understand till now.