Anointed Gunner shield anointment: suggestion for GB

GB! If we have to have all these anointments…it might be nice if they worked better. This is just one example:

At first glance this looks like a great defensive anointment for Moze but in practice…not so much. Why? Because the standard shield recharge rate is too slow to make this worthwhile on Moze if she is utilizing one of the many methods for increasing shield size. On a 1hp Bloodletter build the effect literally goes away before it even fills up my shield fully and that’s without taking any damage at all. If I were to actually use this on M10 while taking lots of damage it would be utterly pointless.

Considering how many anointments don’t even apply to Moze due to the way IB works…can we at least have the ones that do…actually work in a way beneficial to Moze? This shield should just instantly apply the shield buff instead of relying on the shield recharge rate. It would be quite an interesting shield if it worked that way but in this current form it’s not much better than a shield with no anointment at all.

Another case in point…an epic shield that could be interesting if the anointment worked better: