Anointed guns in Marcus vending machine?

See the image in my tweet, why is the item of the day in Marcus vending machine an anointed gun? This is the vending machine on promethea at meridian metroplex

If your playing on Mayhem or TVHM they are in them quite regularly buddy :slight_smile:

Oh! Iā€™d never seen it before!

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Its one of the reasons I mentioned on another thread not to bother wasting Eridium on Earls machine unless the item is spectacular.

You can pick up some great annointeds just by fishing the normal vending machines in Mayhem or TVHM :slight_smile:

EDIT more seem to appear the higher the Mayhem so I would pop mayhem 3 on and fish the sanctuary machines with a couple of reloads. This can enable you to jump right into Mayhem 3 instead of needing to do 1 and 2 first to get some gear. (might be better to just go to a zone and check the machines there and save and reload as sometimes Mayhem wont apply to sanctuary unless you have zoned in from a play zone.)

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