Anointed loot memes

Nxt time take a screenshot and post it here. :grin:

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will do, any idea if there is an actual benefit for COV guns from annoints like that?

or is that a total dud?

I rarely use CoV weapons so I have never given that question any thought. But it is a damn good question and I’m interested in the answer and it’s easy enough to test so I’m off to go test it! :grin:

They work with COV and it has nothing to do with breaks. As a matter of fact ASE mag anoints has nothing to do with reloading at all. It has to do with a) time and b) the game’s internal metric of what constitutes a magazine. So in my testing the anointment worked but didn’t continue indefinitely when I avoided overheating and it didn’t end prematurely when I did overheat.

ok good to know for next time, it was just a run of the mill blue COV rocket launcher so no big loss.

An unholy dichotomy…

For all the M4 snipers, just jumping around without cover…




Hey, use that on Moze with a Bloodletter, it’ll at least help towards shields. I have a deathless that does that.

For when phasegrasp makes it difficult to aim…

Annoyingly I quite like the stats and element…

This gun really really REALLY wants you to slide while shooting it.


wow, that is a slippery slope, that gun needs a snowdrift

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i’m putting this on my wall


Rough Rider



This one has been added not just because of the airborne anointment but primarily because it’s a Woodblocker, which is a meme unto itself :laughing:


The worst part is I actually picked it up after miss reading it.


That’s hilarious…

The anointment is bad enough but when you consider that Tedior weapons are normally chucked instead of shot this weapon is doubly qualified as a meme anointed weapon. :grin:


This one is a meme because as a single shot weapon one would think that DPS is bounded by reload speed instead of fire rate.

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Now this one is particularly meme-y because the legendary effect of the Vanquisher is to drastically increase fire rate while sliding. So unless there is a way to slide while airborne …

That’s two meme anointments in a row. I think the Farming Frenzy event is trolling me :grin:


that one’s got you when you’re up and when you’re down lol

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