Am I the only one that thinks they need to nerf the Anointed Militant enemy. I am stuck on my progressive for TVH Mayhem 2. How are you supposed to kill an enemy that is immune to all damage and goes into invincibility every few seconds fighting it? And not only that you can’t damage them, but they also summon fire on top of you and there is no way to avoid it! Why does he have the ability to damage the player ANYWHERE ON THE MAP while not taking any damages what so ever. IT IS ABSOLUTELY STUPID how strong and difficult it is to kill an Anointed Militant. It makes this game unplayable and makes you want to rage quit when there is nothing you can do to kill it. THIS ENEMY NEED TO BE NERF!


I agree his annoying immune phase needs a cooldown. You can avoid his fire attack by breaking his line of sight. Go into cover and wait for him to finish his immune attack. Then pray he doesn´t spam it back to back.


Just wait until you do slaughter shaft and there is like 6 of those bad boys booty blasting you. Anointed suck

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He’s definitely the bane of any solo players run.

Thing is there is alot of tricks kill him.

  1. When he has his purple shield up grenade spam him from the side
  2. If your out of grenades just stand completely still and line a headshot on him with your strongest weapon with knockback. When he tries to throw the energy at you headshot and try to knock him off his feet
  3. When he uses fire just start to parkour and climb and jump. Staying ground level makes you take unnecessary damage
  4. Use a Tediore gun that spawns turrets to help you attack him for the back and sides when his purple shield is up.

He really meant to be fought as a duo so one person can shoot him in the back when his shields up. Personally i like these kind of enemies. Very hard to kill solo and forces multiplayer a bit in a multiplayer focused game. Still very killable solo just a bit more frustrating to do.

Kinda like Killavolt. People whine and complain how he is so hard to kill and farm. Well he’s also 110% an optional boss. He’s not part of the main storyline for a reason. You want to farm him fast get a buddy and attack him from two sides or he’ll just keep blocking as much as possible. You can beat Killavolt solo but your not required to do it.


The biggest thing that helped me dealing with them was that once they come out of their fire immunity phase wait until they go into a different attack before attacking. From my experience, immediately shooting him forces him to go into a second immunity phase.

I noticed that they only seem to use the shield in response to elemental damage, not kinetic. I know that is not much help, but you know… it is something I guess? They also have a really bad habit of teleporting to any COV taking damage to ‘immune shield’ in front of them, very annoying.

Anointed Militant is fxxking goddamn stupid.
How in the hell Gearbox think this is a good idea design?
Their immune ability should have a long cooldown. A GODDAMN FXXKING LONG COOLDOWN.
They use it once, then use it AGAIN immediately after two seconds. Are you kidding me?


people play for fun - yes.

but what brings fun to folks can differ. some want to swan about, easily destroying everything with ease, feeling like a god. for others, having a challenge is fun, getting that sense of accomplishment.

the two examples above are somewhat opposite to each other and each group wouldnt be having fun if the game was designed specifically for the other.

this puts developers in a lose lose situation really, trying to please all, and you know how that saying goes lol.

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One thing that works if you have the dlc weapon ion cannon is to snipe the mlilitant from as far as possible with max charge. But yeah those need a cooldown on their abilities.

Would be a challenge if it wasn’t for thier poor designed as an enemy troy is more fun to fight and he is a boss with a lot of immunity phases I just fought through the train station place forget the name and due to the enemy set up one militant was always immune as he would teleport and shield glitch to around 7 different enemies had no shield but due to the glitch was porting around to each enemy I tried to attack while he was immune this btw would refresh his invisi immune shield

When thinking of these enemies being difficult btw think of increasing difficulty in PvP buy giving some players not all aimbot aimbot is something that normally gets you banned as it doesn’t make PvP more challenging it makes it more unfair same for anointed militants think can the player play around them or are game mechanics going to make these enemies basicly more hassle than the final boss