Anointed Militant

Please Gearbox do somthing with the Anointed Militants. This enemies are not realy hard ore overpored, they are only annoying, realy annoying.
It is not fun to run around an invulnerable opponent for several minutes, to be able to give him 3-4 shots until the whole drama starts all over again.
You do not have to make it easier, but please make him more interesting and do not leave as annoying as he’s been.
Sorry for my english, good greatings.


Working as intended only players get to be forced into diverse suckyness

For the most part I enjoy anointed enemies, they’re a good endgame mobbing challenge. But the militants, if I didn’t main a particular vault hunter and use a particular sub-type of one of that vault hunter’s action skills. Ugh. The shield I’m fine with personally, that fire phase though… If there was one thing I’d want to see changed or removed from this game, that is it.

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The anointed militants are just irritating as hell. They’re not challenging in a fun way, they’re tedious and soulsuckingly annoying. By themselves, they’re not too bad, but they’re almost always accompanied by a hoard of Badass Zealots and Badass Hardened Tinks. They go beyond difficult and are just a downright pain in the ass. The problem is their immunity phase. Just remove that, leave everything else and I’m fine. However, they’re seemingly in a constant state of immunity while simultaneously dealing massive damage. I legitimately loathe those purple jerks.


Just give it a 3 sec cooldown and immunity phase will be tollerabe

I agree annointed militants stay immune for too long . There is another problem with annointed in that they sometimes spawn in ten at once in the slaughter shaft . Imagine them all teleporting and throwing purple orbs with one being a militant lol there should be a limit to how many spawn in at a time . 2 or 3 tops lol

No need, saw it, felt it, didn’t beat it lol.

Yeah, just had to run through two of them in a row. Not at the same time so it wasn’t lethal – just so tedious that I blew off the mission and shut down the game. They’re not as achingly slow if I’m playing Amara and phaselocking, but I’ve played her enough. I’ll come back when they patch this nonsense.

If devs are around, please announce on Twitter if you ever fix them.