Anointed Militants are making me no longer want to play the game

First some back story, I’ve played over 100 hrs on my Moze main and am near level 50 on my Zane. I’ve been able to clear all the content in the game on TVHM Mayhem 3 consistently.

This is also the first time in my life I’ve ever started a nerf thread for ANY game.

This isn’t about these enemies being unkillable (even though 80-90% of the time they are unkillable). It’s about the effect they have on the flow of gameplay. Difficult enemies should be in the game for obvious reasons, but all difficult mechanics should have counterplay. Immunity mechanics make sense in boss fights but against a normal enemy that is fairly common at endgame it is just aggravating, especially when it is so frequent.

It’s severely effecting my enjoyment of the game (and I love this game) because almost all of my deaths are because 2 of these things show up and completely ruin my momentum. for multiple reasons:

  • The fire phase. Literally nothing you can do except run. Especially ennoying when it ends and simply goes staight into the shield phase or repeats the fire phase. I bought borderlands to shoot guns not run away from fire for 5 minutes straight. Why does he have immunity here? Why not increase the fire damage but make him damageable? This way the mechanic must be avoided but you have the option of burning him down instead of waiting.

  • The shield phase. This should have a reliable interrupt of some sort. Once I melee’d him and it ended but then it didn’t work the next 10 times I tried so maybe it was just a coincidence. Again, enemies being immune to damage doesn’t add difficulty. It just makes it so that you groan in frustration when you see another one of these pests appear on the screen.

  • Teleporting in front of your target with the shield. This is the biggest “■■■■ you” mechanic I’ve ever seen in a Borderlands game. As if it’s not already frustrating that it’s almost impossible to damage them, but if you go down and look for a weaker enemy for a Second Wind he will teleport in front of your target blocking all your shots and ensuring your death. Honestly the AI design of this in particular feels like it was put in by someone who got fired and it was their last day on the job, it just feels spiteful.

I’ve enjoyed this game so much that I’ve pushed through every frustrating encounter with these enemies and killed them, but with every appearance I’m getting that much close to never playing this game again which is really dissapointing.

Please Gearbox, this enemy requires a MASSIVE rework. Not nerfs, a complete redesign. How this enemy saw the light of day is honestly baffling to me because it doesn’t add difficulty, it just turns an enjoyable action-packed firefight into a groaning slog.


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