Anointed militants are More than a little annoying

We get it, it’s supposed to be hard on mayhem 3 at level 50. But come on now
Anointed militants need to be nerfed.

1200 criticals with a high damage level 50 assault rifle and your just at half health. And at half health you are randomly immune to 90% of the gun fire. (Plus that stupid shield teleport move keeps them immune for a long ass time too.) The only thing it’s not immune to is Gernades. I have a shield that spawns gernades and rocket ammo when I’m damaged. Still not enough to kill this guy.

It’s not even fun when you can’t kill an enemy. Literally harder than any boss simply because you will run out of ammo before you kill him. A challenge is fun but not one like this.
Will you have enough ammo before you need to go to a vending mechine and have him reset his health bar back to a trillion zillion? Doubt it.

If there is a trick to killing these hand jobs please enlighten me. Other wise they are just making the late game unreasonable.

Update : so I just read a bunch of stuff saying they cycle immunities. I’m gonna go try to kill them again rn but still what a chore.

Update: yeah ■■■■ this ■■■■