Anointed Militants need less Immunity!

I just find it very irritating to fight the Anointed Militants. It makes sense that they have immunity while they are holding a shield, but when they start burning the ground they are completely immune. This makes no sense and it would make more sense that this would be the time where they would be vulnerable, rather then completely immune. If you were a caster doing this in any other game, this would be when you are most vulnerable.


You need a Shock Hex with mirv. They will take damage when shocked from all sides and break their shield. Or use fadeaway and get behind them to unload shock damage

Thanx for that but I don’t play Flak. Will try the shock damage. They still have way more resistance compared to all other mobs in the game.

Ya…I tried that and he was just as immune to shock as anything else I fired at him. Your idea is very flawed and did not help at all.

I don’t even fight anointed militants if I don’t have to anymore. I just go past them because I don’t feel like fighting them for ten minutes while they constantly abuse their immune states

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Amara phaselock feels like the only way to handle them relatively quickly. Still need to wait out their burning phase in cover, but can wear them down the rest of the time.

I think spamming splash damage as Mose might work too – but I’m just sidelining other characters until they do something about the militants. Fighting them is the only time I’ve ever scrolled through my Twitter feed in the middle of a FPS battle.

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Anoited militants…everyone seems to hate them…but I ABSOLUTELY love throwing a Mirv tacular hex…watch them jump and then melting them in seconds…hardest enemy in the game my ass…they need more immunity if anything…

Seems to always work for me especially breaking his shield block. I need to throw like 4 nades for good results. Without them he’s almost always immune. Try the exploder grenades with force and nuke stats. The force stat should bounce him around and might break his defence

Well, even tho they are phaselocked they still seems to be immune for the most part…

Fearmonger works well too. Just spam the mirv hexes and unleash the shotgun

Agreed. They ruin the flow of combat with their arbitrary immune phases.

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YA so they are easy if you have that very specific grenade w/ specific mods. That is not how you design an enemy where it sucks for everyone unlucky enough not to have your very specific grenade. Wish I was you…

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