Anointed militants suck

Bullet sponges who are immune to damage >70% of the time are the opposite of fun. They make me avoid places they pop up. I know I’m the thousandth person to make this complaint, BUT THEY STILL SUCK. Stop making them immune to everything all the time!


And their shield ricochets everything back at you…hate those muffuccas


their weak point is on the face, i am using siren, so i can see how different and find the weak point of them easily. then i have found out the small ball he throw is shock , as i used shock immune , seeing it just got damage and shield didn’t broken like no shock immune shield. the big ball isn’t a issue to me , it do break the shield even it’s shock immune

i suggest u to use , run and shoot , it’s not hard

No, their damage output is minimal, especially if using the Transformer. They just suck.

Immune phases are crappy design in general, and building an enemy that is 70% immune phase isn’t fun. And cap that off with being bullet sponges, and you have the worst normal enemy in any Borderlands game.

I almost never die to them, but them showing up (in numbers) usually makes me want to turn off the game. And this is as someone who has literally hundreds and hundreds of hours in each of the Borderlands games.


We need a ‘top issues’ list for Gearbox to help them keep track of issues like this, as it’s been an problem since launch and doesn’t seem overly complicated to fix.


One trick to deal with them is to run up close to them. This will trigger them to attack you with their shield. Dodge this, and it will leave them exposed, giving you a few moments to shoot them in the face. If you’re lucky, it may also trigger them to toss their shield at you, giving you more time to shoot them in the face.

Headshots on an exposed anointed militant will destroy them. It only takes a few bursts of an on-level OPQ or Sand Hawk (even with a bad anointment) to down them, even on Mayhem 10.

Not likely

personally i like the anointed, it makes the game immensely more difficult. theres ways to kill them all. here is an example. Badass loot! joey goes down

It doesn’t make game more difficult, it makes game more annoying. Unfortunately, this is the most lazy way how to make game more “difficult” - bullet sponge enemies worth invulnerability phases.


What about when he summons fire under you as long as he sees you, and is invicible that way?

It really seems that complaints fall on deaf ears or Gearbox just doesnt care about improving the game for the players.

This game has to be the biggest hyped up letdown in gaming history and Gearbox only makes the game worse with every patch they apply.

Back in November I would have agreed with this sentiment, but with the new DLCs, some new weapons, various events, and buffs instead of nerfs, I’m enjoying the game much more at this point.

Cleaning up more bugs and adding some QOL stuff would add to my enjoyment, but I give the devs credit for saving this game from an early grave imo.


I find the mini millitants more annoying myself. Good luck hitting those weak points haha.

For me as a Zane I found the Carrier with Sntnl Cryo really useful as even in a shield up phase the tracers will arc around and still do damage.

it’s pretty much game over if one shows up and I can’ stand them, either. The worst ones are any of the little ones that constantly try to melee you. There’s 0 defense for melee attack in the game. Spike shields were a joke at even Mayhem 0 and are useless beyond that.

To my FL4K players, the Great Horned Skag’s attack command can knock up the annointed militants in the air to stop its immune phase.

Very useful when the pet can stay alive that is. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t say I don’t like the anointed - I said I don’t like anointed militants. The rest are fine, if not good! Militants are trash.

All the anointed (especially militant) are an annoying waste of time IMO. Not difficult, just not worth the time. Unless I’m destroying everything in sight with buddies, or I have to take them out to proceed through the map, I just speed run right by them. Their drops are usually garage.

I have an issue with when they’re crystallized they still proc certain modifiers (chaingang and the one where they attach elemental beams to you.)

That’s stupid they’re dead, they’re deader than dead why are those modifiers still applying.

It’s not the worse and if gearbox doesn’t change that it’s not make or break but it’s stupid as hell

Also while we are on the subject of Annointed enemies; does anyone find it odd they don’t count as badass enemies from FL4K’S Big Game Hunter perk? The card says it will activate when killing BAD ASS or STRONGER enemies and it never does when you kill em.