Anointed Militants

I’ve heard a lot of rage at anointed enemies over the past several weeks, as I understand they can be quite frustrating with their considerable health pool and teleportation abilities. I do not feel very feel strongly on anointed in general, as I feel there’s ways to move around and counter them. However, one type stands out: anointed militants. They’re just not fun to play against. It’s not that they are particularly difficult to go against either; their abilities are predictable and their damage relatively low.

But the shield they wield combined with their large health pool means I’m stuck shooting at this thing for much longer than is even… fun. It’s just me sitting there waiting for him to put his shield down, shooting for a few moments, then rinse and repeat. It’s disruptive to enjoyable combat and I’m not sure why there can’t be some sort of counter to this invulnerable shield.

That’s just my opinion, please let me know what you all think about it.



Yep everyone hates it. I’ve seen plenty threads spirited away and wrapped up by mods into the hotfix/patch threads.

Either they’re aware and are going to change Anointed Militants, or they’re trying to sweep away the public outcry.

I’ve just spent like 20 minutes trying to get to Target of Opportunity in The Anvil. Like 6 of those … :slight_smile: has spawned and they just begun to cycle their shield/invulnerability combo. And I mean 6 not in the whole location, just like from Ramsden, till half way through to the ToO location. Seriously militants are worst thing I’ve seen in a game in years.
EDIT: Just to be clear I love this game and think balance team is making wonders so far. I hope militants get fixed in the future, and when they will, it’ll be fine.

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This will probably get patched over time.

I hate them because they just run the clock when you’re trying to finish a proving grounds run. Why would they let 5+ of these ■■■■■■■■ spawn in a timed event?

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Hate that they just spam invincibility on you…that ■■■■ is annoying!

Mayhem 3 laughs at all of us trying to prove

ourselves in proving grounds. I feel all that.